Buddy System | Meaning and Definition

What is Buddy System?

The Buddy System is an onboarding and information-sharing process for new workers. It’s a system in which new employees are paired with experienced employees, who help them learn the ropes, answer any questions they have, and generally make their transition to their new job as smooth as possible. 

The Buddy System can be especially helpful for newcomers unfamiliar with the company’s culture or with the specific job they’ve been hired to do. By pairing them with someone who can act as a mentor and guide, the Buddy System helps new employees get up to speed quickly and confidently.

A buddy should be a pleasant volunteer with high personal performance standards, have a good attitude, and communicate effectively. 

The buddy’s responsibility is not to act as the new employee’s supervisor. Building a foundation for the supervisor to guide the employee in the future and should not be outsourced to the buddy is achieved through training and sharing performance criteria and evaluations. 

Advantages of a buddy system for new hires 

There are number of benefits of buddy system in an organization for new hires. Here are some of the benefits of having a buddy:

  • Pairing up new hires with more experienced employees facilitates a smoother and more effective transition into the workplace.
  • They can help new hires feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to do their job well. Having someone to rely on for guidance and support can be invaluable during those first few weeks.
  • It can help improve communication within a workplace by encouraging regular interactions between new hires and more experienced employees.
  • Provides an opportunity for information and knowledge to be shared between different levels of staff. This can lead to a better understanding of role expectations and improve working relationships overall.
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