Employee Self-Service Portal and its Features

Employee Self-Service Portal

ESS or Employee Self-Service, sometimes known as Employee Portals is an indispensable part of the modern Human Resource Information System. Using this, the employees of an organization can view, manage, and access their payroll and other HR information. An ESS allows employees to have access to multiple information concerning human resources and is a great way to empower your employees and to reduce the workload on your HR department.

What is an Employee Self-Service Portal?

Using an Employee Self-Service Portal, employees can access their payroll information and other personal information. An ESS Portal helps an organization to save its labor cost and improves the efficiency of the work. It helps in improving the employee experience to a great extent, which in turn increases employee satisfaction.

An employee self-service portal can create a positive work culture by easily providing all the information the employees need. It also allows the management to pass on only the correct and current information to the employees. This way, the employee can easily manage and review their information and accounts which in turn, saves a lot of time for HR administrators. With the help of an ESS, the employee can handle his/her HR-related tasks without much effort. They can apply for leaves, make changes in their personal information, and can update their expenses without even bothering the HR department.

Features of an Employee Self-Service Portal:

Employee Information

This is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for any employer. It takes a lot of time to manually update the employee information and keep them up to date every time. It is prone to error and happens at a slow pace. Even though the employee gives all information during the date of joining, there is no certainty that it will remain the same throughout his tenure in the office. With an Employee Self-Service Portal, the new information can be updated whenever required. This saves HR’s time and avoids the usage of paper for printing forms again and again.

Payslips Online

The Employee self-service feature of the HRMS allows an employee to access and print his payslips anytime. Another advantage of an ESS is that it can display payslips for all time and the employees can access even the payslips of the past. This again saves time. Imagine how tedious it would be to print and hand over these payslips over and over again. 

Leave Application and Approval

This feature of the ESS Portal allows the employees to log in and apply for the leaves in an efficient manner. You can apply for the leaves either via your mobile phone or desktops. This also allows managers to approve or reject these leaves on an immediate basis. 

Beneficial Information

With this feature on the ESS portal, an employee can view and manage their job benefits. At the time of hiring, the employees are made aware of the benefits they’ll get during their tenure with the company. However, there are times when an employee would want to know about these benefits again. During such times, an ESS portal can fetch the exact details of what they need. Any important updates can be published in the ESS portal at once, which will help in saving time from holding company-wide meetings to explain the changes.

Attendance Regularization

This feature enables the employee to regularize their attendance. The employee can view their attendance and raise a request if there are any corrections required. Once this request is approved by the manager, the attendance information is automatically updated.

Benefits of ESS Portal for Small Businesses:

  • It saves cost
  • Saves the time consumed by a manual system
  • Offers increased employee control and employee engagement
  • The accuracy of the information is increased
  • Reduces inaccurate information to a great extent


In conclusion, by implementing an ESS portal, an organization can save labor hours and improve the efficiency of work done to a great extent. Moreover, it also saves money which can be used for other major activities. Thus, we can say that an Employee Self Service(ESS) portal offers great benefits to both employees and the organization.

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