Grapevine Communication | Meaning

What is Grapevine Communication? 

Grapevine communication means an informal technique of communication rather than the official one. It originates from casual social interactions. Grapevine communication is also known as informal communication.

An example of informal communication is speaking at the workplace about the weather or sending a birthday card to one of the employees or discussing a holiday.


What is a Communication Network?

The pattern of the direction of the flow of information at the workplace or in the organization is called a communication network.

Types of Informal Communications

  •       Single Stand – It occurs between two individuals, which may later get transferred on a one on one basis to another.
  •       Gossip Chain – It involves a group of individuals talking in an informal manner.
  •       Probability Chain – When the same message is passed from employee to employee, it is called a probability chain.
  •       Cluster Chain – Information shared by an individual with a group is called a cluster chain. The information later can be passed to others through each individual.