Intake Specialist | Job Description Template

We’re searching for an Intake Specialist to join our team and greet patients as they arrive at our medical facility while also assisting them in getting ready for their appointments. 

Before the patient’s visit, the Intake Specialist greets them, records their personal information, and gathers their medical history. In the end, you’ll work directly with patients to acquire and analyze their information before they meet with a doctor or medical expert at our facility.

Company Address 


Job Responsibilities

  • Welcome new patients to the hospital. 
  • Complete all admissions papers and enter it into the computer system. 
  • Verify each patient’s medical insurance coverage and benefits. Make appointments for consultations, testing, and treatments. 
  • Respond to queries by phone and email 
  • Any patient complaints or concerns should be addressed. 
  • Filing, copying, and faxing are examples of clerical employment.

Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

Other Benefits- (….)