Why is The Human Resource Management called as The Pillar Of The Organisation?

The human resource department of an organization is one of the most important departments. In other words, without the aid of the human resource department, an organization cannot build an efficient team of working professionals.

The HR department of a company has many important roles to play. From recruiting people to train them, all of these is handled by the HR department alone. Not just that, but the HR department is also involved in motivating the employees to work hard, helps in promoting a healthy work culture, performance appraisals, and much more. In short, it can be said that the HR department has a lot of services to provide to the organization. It is because of all these reasons that the HR department management is regarded as the pillar of an organization. If you have a strong HR department, you can expect your company to grow much faster.

Importance Of Human Resource Management (HRM)

HRM can be defined as an important function of an organization that is focused on enrolling, overseeing, and coordinating the people working within the organization. Human Resources Management addresses issues related to pay, association advancement, execution management, employee inspiration, and much more. It also takes the responsibility of promoting a good and healthy work culture within the workplace. Today, the HRM department is also known to make use of several HRMS tools like payroll software to make their task easy.

The HRM department of an organization is considered to be important for several things. It has a lot to offer towards the well-being and the growth of the organization. The roles and responsibilities taken by the HRM department are very important for an organization. The main reasons why the HRM department is regarded as an important part of the organization included.

  • Recruitment and Training

One of the main responsibilities of the human resource management system is to recruit new professionals and train them for the company. HR managers are known to come up with plans and strategies to find and hire the best candidates for the organization. For every job position in the organization, they lay down the specific criteria that need to be fulfilled. Once the candidates are hired, the HR manager also looks after their training needs. An HR manager is also known to provide training to the employees whenever it is required so that they can brush up their skills and also learn new specialized skills.

  • Maintaining Work Atmosphere

The success of any organization is based on the performance of its employees. Employees can only perform well when there is a proper working atmosphere within the workplace. Maintaining the work atmosphere and managing the employees is yet another important task of the HRM department. It is their responsibility to make sure that there prevail in a good and friendly working atmosphere within the organization. This is to encourage the employees to give their best performance which in return increases the productivity of the organization.

  • Managing Disputes

No organization doesn’t have ongoing disputes within its workplace. The HRM department must solve the issues rising among the employees and the employers. The HRM department is known to act as a consultant who helps to resolve the issue by finding a solution to it. The HR department is expected to come up with an effective solution during such matters. Also, they are expected to take timely actions as well.

  • Developing Public Relations

Establishing good public relations is also one of the important responsibilities of the HRM department. The HRM department organizes business seminars, meetings, and various other types of PR events on behalf of the company. All this is done to promote good and healthy relations with other businesses out there. In some organizations, the HRM department is also involved in the preparation of marketing plans as well.

  • Allocating Jobs To The Right Person

Other than just hiring and training new candidates, the HRM department also has other tasks like assigning the right job to the right candidate. This reduces the chance of employees leaving the company due to job dissatisfaction.

  • Improves The Economy

HRM practices are also known to boost the profit margin of a company. This is mainly achieved by improving the performance of the company. Thus, it can be said that the HRM department has a role to play in helping a business grow. With the support of the HRM department, a company can enter into new business ventures and thus, achieve more success in the process.

After going through the mentioned points, it can be concluded that without the support of the HRM department, an organization cannot function properly. The HRM department helps a company to grow and also increase its productivity. Each of the roles played by the HRM department is crucial for any company. It is because of this reason that an organization should stress on having a strong HRM team.

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