The basic importance of Employee Self-Service System

Employee management is surely one of the most hectic and tedious jobs performed by the HR department in an organization. Series of tasks ranging from maintaining records of large amounts of employee data, attendance management, time tracking, updating status of benefits, etc. are all to be performed from time to time. When HR personnel engages in tasks like these then it becomes difficult for them to focus on other important operations. This reduces their efficiency and compromises the quality of their work. It is the place where organizations need to do something to lighten the burden from their shoulders by understanding the importance of Employee Self-Service System or ESS. So let’s have a look at what Employee Self-Service System is and why it is important today-

What is an Employee Self Service Portal?

Employee Self-Service System (ESS) refers to a feature available with a modern Human Resource Management System. It’s an online portal giving access to employees to perform various employee-related functions which are usually meant to be performed by the payroll or HR department. Under this system, employees are given ESS login that enables them to sign in to employee self-service portal through which they can access human resources-related information themselves and get employee-specific data like attendance, benefits or taxes, etc. This system allows employees to check their pay stub or submit paid time off on their own which without ESS portal would have done by the payroll manager or HR manager. Manual access to this information would take employees’ time in getting up from their desks to visit the HR or payroll department in person for clarifying simple issues.

Importance of Employee Self-Service System

Scheduling and time management

Scheduling of employees is a tough task in itself. It consumes a lot of time of HR managers which otherwise would have been utilized in other more important tasks like decision making, hiring, and training. With the help of Employee Self-Service Portal, the tedious job of scheduling and communicating can be done in just a matter of clicks and this will give more time to HR managers to focus on core activities. Even employees will end up saving their time when they will not have to wait for messages from higher-ups to get all the scheduling information as ESS will disseminate it within minutes. Hence Employee Self-Service Software is important if you want trouble-free scheduling and punctual working of employees in your organization.

Reduction in Operating Cost

At present times when inflation has reached the apogee, increasing operational costs is one of the biggest concerns of businesses today. Expenses are continuously increasing and the financial management of companies is getting disturbed. As far as employee management is concerned some traditional methods of management like manual maintenance of employee information, keeping records of attendance in huge piles of documents, hiring extra staff specifically for time tracking of employees is anything but cost-effective. Hence the use of Employee Self-Service Software becomes very important to eliminate the need for extra documentation and manpower when employees themselves will be doing the same tasks within a few clicks.

Better Controlling of Employees

When employees will be given access to their data, things will become a lot easier for both, employees and the company. If any kind of modification or updating is required in employee data then web-based ESS enables them to do it by themselves without getting dependent on the Human Resource Department for the same. It provides greater control to employees on their working hours as a digital shift system will facilitate employees in planning their upcoming leaves, overtime, swap shifts, etc. with ease.

Maintenance of Security

Data present with the HR department is accompanied by personal information of employees most of the time. Also, we all are aware of the increasing number of fraudulent activities happening all over the world hence relying on a manual system for handling such information of employees is something quite risky. Here comes the importance of Employee Self-Service System in the present world where ESS software eliminates this risk by providing complete security to data with controlled access to the portal avoiding any kind of unauthorized interference.

Today, when the feeling of individualism is growing within the hearts of people, then giving employees some control at the place they work will be something that will make them feel and understand their importance in the organization and this is what ESS software does. The reasons mentioned above totally justify the importance of the Employee Self-Self Service portal in the present world along with its numerous benefits. Incorporation of this software in your organization with smoothening business operations will take your organization to another level.

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