Simple tips for a better work-life balance

Simple tips for a better work-life balance


Maintaining a work-life balance seems almost impossible for some people, especially in this technology-driven world, which made employees accessible round the clock. Work usually takes precedence over any other things in our lives. Our obsession to do better in our professional life is the root evil of poor work-life balance.

Setting up a harmonious work-life balance is critical for our health either it is physical, mental, or emotional well being. As today’s work invades our personal lives and maintaining work-life balance isn’t an easy thing. Sometimes the technology that bridges the gap between employees and the company eats into time at home as well. To help you in the pursuit of a better work-life balance We’ve gathered some of the best advice out there.


Learn the art of saying “No”

Always remember saying no isn’t a sin. When your colleague or boss asks you to stay on work for an extra hour don’t say “yes” impulsively. If you are finding it hard to say no straight away then take your time by saying that you’ll tell them about this after some time. make the most of the time you have in the office and leave the remaining for tomorrow. Share your plans with people like” I need to leave at a certain time if you need something then let me know by that time”.If you start telling people you have to leave at a certain time you will be most likely to do so. Try this method every day eventually you will restrain your colleagues to expect you to leave on time every day. – Lea McLeod


You have to plan when you will leave the office in the morning. That means setting up your priorities accordingly to avoid the rush in the last hours. learn to say no to activities that distract you from your priorities.


Enjoy weekends and vacations

Take some off time on weekends at least some hours but ideally the whole day. Put your laptop and remaining work away and do something physical and creative that you love. This will make you feel more relaxed and refreshed.


Instead of saving all due work and life chores for Sunday, disperse evenly for the whole week. No matter how well you plan it, the nature of some jobs is that there will never be a time to take a break, but this isn’t a reason to not try at all.


Instead of waiting for free time, take a pause whenever you need it. Decide how you will use your vacation time this year. Before going on vacation, let your boss know you will only be available to check emails and attend calls occasionally. Most bosses won’t mind if you only respond to critical messages before you return to the office.


Keep track of your clock

At the end of the day, track how you spent your time on workday and holiday. Now make a chart with categories such as family time, work, chores, fun, etc. to analyze how you spent your day and then make another ideal chart saying “how you want to”. Now work on moving from your current clock to your ideal one.


Listen to your body and mind

An imbalance work-life scenario can take a heavy toll on your physical and mental well being. Every day take some time off and do physical exercise and meditation. These activities will not only help you de-stress your mind, but it will also release some endorphins also known as happy hormones. Studies show that exercising daily is very effective at reducing stress, improving the ability to focus, and enhances cognitive function. Scientists have found that regular practice of meditation and aerobic exercises have been shown to decrease tension, stress, improve mood, and elevate self-esteem.


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