HR Helpdesk – All that you need to know

The HR help desk is a central source of information where the employees of the organization can consult about the various Human Resource questions they have in their minds. HR Helpdesk software is being used by the HR Service Advisers, and their managers to track, manage employee inquiries, issues, and the questions that the HR is asked by the business.

The Helpdesk has ticketing Systems that assist HR with the management of employees and organizing information in proper order. They serve as a great tool which helps the HR to organize and manage the employees’ query. Twenty years ago, this HR help desk could have been just a desk that was managed by the HR department, but today, it refers to the HR software product that gives virtual assistance to the employees while keeping the HR staff free and enable him/her to carry on with their other responsibilities.

What does an HR Helpdesk Software Do?

Whenever an employee calls or emails the HR, the HR department would use the HR Helpdesk software to log in and track the details of the employee query. The HR manager would then use the Reporting functionality in the Helpdesk software to monitor the Key Performance Indicators, such as the volume of the calls, the number of cases that are opened or closed, and the time required to handle a call.

The above mentioned are the basic functions of the HR Helpdesk Software. But, from a technical point of you, the HR Help desk includes a software interface or a console that has a searchable knowledge base. This enables HR to search and locate the employee questions quickly and efficiently

In recent years, HR Helpdesk software incorporates an employee portal application that has ‘self-serve’ functions, which makes a searchable knowledge base available to all its employees.

Activities of the HR Help Desk?

An HR help desk can be an employee’s first stop for everything starting from the policies, training, forms, and submissions of the questions they have.

HR Help Desk Software allows the management of these queries so that, both employees and HR staffs have clear visibility into the entire process. This way, the employees can immediately be taken to the place where the answer to the question they are looking for is given. With the data that is provided by the software, HR can see what information should be added to a particular question or what additional communication might be required.

Benefits of an HR Help Desk

Nowadays, employees want instant answers to all their queries and online interactions that are similar to those they have on their mobile phones. An HR help desk software can fulfill both of these requirements.  

It is an essential tool in the move to manager self-service and employee-self service. With the help of this software, an HR professional can also focus their attention on some critical tasks like recruitment, employee engagement, and retention. 

  • An HR Help Desk Software ensures that the queries are not only heard but they are also resolved.
  • A good HR Help Desk tracks all the interactions amongst the HR and employees and ensures that the data is maintained securely.
  • The HR Help Desk Software helps bridge the gap between the employer and employee.
  • In today’s world, the hiring rates are very high and it becomes important to have a constant connection between the employer and employee. HR helpdesk acts as a communication channel that is very useful for these purposes.
  • The summary reports from an HR Help Desk provide valuable insights into an employee’s behavior which will be useful in formulating policies.

What are the Features and Functions that an HR Help Desk Software should have?

  • HR Help Desk Software should offer the employees a way to get instant information that is accessible from different platforms and devices.
  • All the interactions with the employees should be recorded and tracked.
  • The data should be sharable across the organization if required.
  • The software should be tied-up with social media and other forms of communication like normal texting.
  • It offers personalized employee satisfaction surveys.
  • There should be related tickets that are shown. This will avoid tickets being raised on the same query.
  • It has customizable ticket templates and ticket status options.


In conclusion, the HR Helpdesk software is used by the HR service teams to manage various queries, requests that an employee has. With this software, HR can handle multiple employee requests, inquiries, and questions in an efficient and timely manner. There are various HR help desk modules that can be used to track and manage all the categories of your employee queries. HR helpdesk can also be used to streamline any employee requests starting right from the stationary requests to loan and salary advances

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