How to Track Employee Performance?

If you have the responsibility to handle a workplace, then you must know about so many things that happen in the place and it also includes the performance of the employees. There are so many companies out there who pressurize their employees to work without a break, and that results in under-performing and less production. If you want to avoid the same scenario, then you need to be understanding and know-how to evaluate employee performance with a better approach.

If you get to know the way your team is working is not just an eye-opening thing, but it’s more than that, and it’s always important for the business too. If you are wondering the ways you can implement employee performance tracking then you must know, the relationship between workers and employers, the effect of training, and so many other things fall under the matter.

Nowadays, technology is evolving and there are so many ways by which one can map the performance of their workers and it can be the best way than the manual ones. However, not always the technology is enough to run a company or to manage their employees, as it requires the involvement of the team leaders and the managers. Thus, here we have listed the methods following which the employers can track their employee performance in a better way.

Clear all the goals

The first thing in measuring the performance of the employees is to clear the goals perfectly to the workers. If you haven’t specified the same for the staff, they will get confused and will not be able to provide you with the best performance. Thus, to avoid the same situation, you have to ensure that you have cleared the goal to them, and also make sure that they understand it properly. Each member of the company should be aware of the benchmarks of the concern and only then you can take the first step towards checking the employee performance.

Training and orientation

You need to provide all the best orientation and training to your employees before you can judge their performance daily and know, how to track employees’ daily activities after you have finished with the training part. Think of a scenario, where you have employed some workers, but they do not anything about the working style in the company, so they are basically of no use. So what will be your step to take? Your first task will be to ask them about their issue and then when you are aware of their situation, you must arrange training and an orientation for the new hires. Normally, companies hold these parts before the workers get to work, but some others do not follow the same, and for them, it’s highly crucial.

Evaluate by objectives

You already know that teamwork is the best way to achieve any goal, and it is the same in any office. However, many times employees can be tracked by the objectives, which means the individual goals, and it’s often settled by the manager or the team leader. Employees work towards these settled goals for them and they report directly to their manager or team leader, and then their workability is evaluated. This objective tracking sometimes ends up in the manager giving rewards to the individual worker, which influences them to do better.

Subjective tracking

If you are thinking of how to measure employee success, you must know that this is another well-known method of tracking staff performance. This evaluation is based on a group and is tracked at the end of the year. The staff is assessed on many criteria, and the quality of their work is tracked. However, this method can be used for very experienced workers and who have been working for a long time.

Regular tracking

It happens in so many offices where employee tasks are evaluated every day at the end of their working schedule. This thing is generally done by the managers and they ask their employees and the team leaders about the performance of the staff for the day. As an employer, you must remember that you should be gentle while asking about the performance of the employees and if one of them has not been that productive, you have to pay heed to their concern.

Skip traditional methods

In the older days, it was a tradition to make the workers work by the hour and force them to complete their work in the given time, but that’s not the case for recent days. Nowadays, the employers are taking the approach of completing the task, not within a day but it can always take two more, but the productivity has to be the same always. This will help to track the performance of the workers and you will find ease in the task too.

Ask for the ranks

This is another way you can take care of the tracking of employees, and the team leader can help you the best. Ask the person to rank the people who are working under his or her supervision and they will make you a list of 1 to 10 best workers in their team. This way, you will segregate the under-performers, moderate and high performers easily. In this case, make sure to warn the team leader to make an unbiased ranking.

360-degree appraisals

This is very important in tracking were ranging from the employer to the team leader and even colleagues can give feedback on an individual’s performance in the office. This way you will get to know about the entire perspective of everyone about a worker and the tracking will be easier.

The number of sales

In the marketing companies, the performance of one employee is tracked by the number of sales and it’s very effective. If a team or an individual worker has been able to sell the company’s product and that too in a good amount then their performance is tracked. On the other hand, if someone hasn’t been able to meet the target then that is evaluated too.

Ask the employees to evaluate

If you are looking for a new approach then you can try out asking the workers themselves about their performance for the day or week. After you have asked your workers for the self-evaluation, they will list down their achievements and the things they have done for the day, and bring it to you. Checking the same you can track the same.

Check the overtimes

There must be some employees in your office that do overtime and you must not ignore these staff. A company always requires more profit and for that enhanced work is needed and when an employee is providing the same, you must acknowledge their contribution. Track the overtimes and encourage them to keep up the good work, because their efforts will always be rewarded. Try to note down the overtime hours and under the name of the employees, and it will help you later on when you are giving out incentives and rewards for their achievements.

Track the absent

One or two workers might get sick or have some personal issues to be absent for some days, and you need to mark the same. Not attending the office means a day without work, thus these staff has to be evaluated based on the same. Also, make sure of the employees, who come late at the workplace, because they are contributing fewer efforts and getting out of the office at the scheduled time. If you are a concerned employer all of these should be in your mind.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take exit interviews, because you have to know the reason an employee is leaving the concern. If you take this interview, you will be able to understand the faults or the shortcomings in the workplace and you might like to change the same.

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