How Can A Performance Improvement Plan Help Your Employees?

Knowledge is an open book, but learning begins with experience! ✅ This is something you can truly relate to if you are a working professional. Tripping down the memory lane, in your subconscious mind you know that SCHOOL DAYS are OVER and now you are a full-time employee in a CUBICLE- but why to feel upset about it. Having a job shouldn’t feel like a “monotonous rut to earn your living”.?

Why can’t you continue learning and earning the same way as you used to when you were in school? ? If you think that is not possible- you are wrong.❌

The good news is that employers are loving the idea of playing the role of a coach at the office and have come up with an awesome employee improvement plan for the amazing bunch of people who work the office!?

Doesn’t it sound Ah-mazing!! If yes, then take a second to say THANKYOU before we go ON & spill the beans about it.?

Going GA-GA over Performance Improvement Plan!

PIP is asking all of us to take a pledge to “never rest till good becomes better and better becomes best”. There is always room for improvement with PIP!?

The best part is that the performance improvement plan provides the employee with the honest feedback needed to progress and also takes good care of your overall business.

With that being said, let’s look at how a performance improvement plan can help your employees score 10/10.?

What Is A Performance Improvement Plan?

An employee performance improvement plan (PIP) replicates your “strict school teacher” who will point out any continuous or regular patterns of employees’ poor performance.

The employee PIP marks out a timeline for the employees to regain a level of standing at the place of employment. A performance improvement plan is often devised by the worker’s manager or supervisor, which is then submitted to HR professionals.

The plan is a set of key objectives that need to be achieved as per the deadline provided. This document also comes with cautionary advice reiterating what consequences can befall if the employee fails to stand up to the expectations and key objectives.✅

The role of a performance improvement plan is not restricted to a strict teacher, in fact, it acts as a guardian angel that encourages employees to work hard and improve themselves.?

Other than that, it can be an ASSET for both the employee and the company.✅ It can be a direct hint from the company that they want to keep the employee and are therefore providing them an action plan to improve their performance.

Regular feedback on the performance is necessary and you need to take disciplinary action if employees are not giving their 100% performance.❌

The goal of PIP:

The central aim is to find a viable solution for the employee, their professional development, and what’s going to bring the organization a HUGE SUCCESS.?

When Should You Implement A Performance Improvement Plan?

When employees suffer and the situation is not even less than having their pants on fire- do not ignore the problem! ❌ Be vigilant and smart enough to quickly roll out a plan. As a manager, you should be quick to pick up on the signs of an employee whose level of performance is having a HUMPTY-DUMPTY like fall here and there.

A consistent drop in engagement, decrease in productivity, not being punctual, taking more time off than needed are all red signs signaling an employee with low performance.☹️

When it happens- quickly start with effective PIP to remedy negative performance.

Performance Improvement Plan: The List of Benefits It Can Bring!

There are benefits of a performance plan that can help you and your employee get near to the set goal. With a performance improvement plan, you’re giving the individual a chance to improve and better their contribution with a mind-blowing performance.?

Here are some of the benefits that you can access by having a performance improvement plan.?

1. Save Your Time, Money, and Resources

Most small businesses will spend at least  40 hours on tasks that do not generate income, which includes the hiring process. There’s a lot of time wasted on recruitment when it’s not even required. The cost and resources used when recruiting can also cost a heavy price and that’s all spent in the daydream that you’ll be able to find the right candidate.✅

Not every business can get lucky enough to find someone eligible in the first shot and may need to undergo several recruitment drives before finding the perfect employee.?

Most employers will aim to cut down the employee turnovers, keeping the percentage low. Helping your staff members to hit an acceptable performance standard with the help of PIP can do wonders than you ever imagined.

So if you’re a small business on a strict budget, then a PIP would be a MUST TRY.?

2. Upgrade Your Company Culture

Your employees rely on a source of income because it is their bread and butter but other than that, it’s a career where they want to build their growth muscles.

To cater to the needs of an employee and lend support to your business- have a PIP!❤️

FYI: Given the fact that there’s always room for improvement and it is not restricted to employees with low performance. Effective performance improvement plans can be put into place for both employees with low or high-grade performance. They can also do wonders for workers who want to progress within the company or for those who might be going through a hard time navigating without the right plan.

Having faith in your employee’s individual caliber and commitment to improving can encourage them to believe that sky’s a limit, and they can work hard to achieve it. As a result, you are likely to see that employees who are motivated and more productive in their efforts are surely going to SKYROCKET SUCCESS.?

3. Far Better Than Reviews

PIP IN and Reviews OUT of the corporate scenario can work wonders! Having a performance improvement plan (PIP) can lend employees a better idea of what isn’t going right and where they actually need to improve themselves.

It is the best way to give them a clear idea of what they’re failing to achieve, why they are lagging behind, and how they can make themselves better in a far more effective way.

When it comes to reviewing- not every employee will see it that way and may find the review to be more counter-productive.

Failure shouldn’t be a bad thing to experience if you don’t have the fear to face it and work out your way.?

Alas, while reviews might earn a few likes from some employees, for those who need to be encouraged to work harder, performance improvement plans are definitely the right way.✅

4. Reduces Liability

If any time later, the employee attempts to win by claiming an unlawful termination or any other instance on similar grounds, PIP plays the role of a formal document stating the employer’s dissatisfaction with the employee.

While this guards the employers, you need to be sure that when explaining to an employee on the improvement plan, you convey your message in a proper way.✅

To Wrap Up

Performance improvement plans can be the icing on the cake for your business.? Having a performance improvement plan in place for employees unable to perform well or those looking for a way to better themselves can be a great strategy for your employees and your business.? It is the best way to retain your employees, turn them into better professionals and save time from getting stuck in a hire and fire trail.

Try implementing PIP today! Hopefully, you’ll be able to encourage more of your employees to make room for improvements.

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