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11 Best HR Software in UAE

The human resources department has always been integral to any successful organization. From hiring top talents for your company to managing employee’s well-being, an HR has to undertake various tasks.

Moreover, as a company grows, many more responsibilities and challenges surface for HR. Some of these challenges include; maintaining the record of employees from various departments, monitoring leaves and attendance, tracking clock-in and clock-out time, and ensuring no errors in the payroll process.

Business owners in Middle-East countries can tackle most of these challenges by opting for Human Resources Management Software. In today’s technologically-driven business world, every growth-oriented company is leveraging HRMS to automate day-to-day HR operations. 

Whether you are a small startup or a medium-sized organization, opting for HR software in UAE can eliminate the burden of manual tasks. As a result, your company’s HR can focus on improving other important business areas. Here are some reasons why HRMS is essential for your business. 

What are the Benefits of HR Software in UAE?

The HRMS software enables organizations to automate manual HR activities such as onboarding paper-works, payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, etc. 

This reduces HR’s burden from administrative tasks. As a result, They can add value to other important projects and focus their energy on improving business decisions and workforce productivity.

By using HRMS, HR leaders can gain access to employees’ databases and monitor their performance. By analyzing this data, HR personnel can engage their workforce by organizing activities for workforce development. As a result, organizations can make employees feel more satisfied and reduce attrition rates. 

Managing leaves and attendance manually of a large workforce is one of the major issues that many organizations face. Challenges such as buddy punching and timecard fraud can result in productivity loss. 

By leveraging effective HR software, organizations in UAE can tackle these issues. More so, they add another layer of security by assigning responsibilities to managers for approving time gaps in the employee’s work period. 

Earlier, HR had to maintain a separate cabinet for storing employee documents. This would result in lots of time wastage in going through the cabinets to find the required document. Not to mention, it also leaves the risk of leaked documents. 

By using HR software, the human resource department can store all the employee data and documents digitally on the cloud-based software database. This helps to ensure that employee’s data is easily accessible and safely stored.

While managing payroll for a large workforce in spreadsheets, there are high chances of manual errors. These errors in payroll processing can create conflict between employees and management. 

That is why organizations in UAE are using human resources management software to manage their entire payroll process. The payroll software is usually integrated with the HRMS to easily calculate the salaries of your workforce according to their leaves and attendance. 

Companies like Zimyo offer their customers to process payroll for the entire workforce in 3 simple clicks. The payroll software is deployed according to the compliances in UAE and Middle-Eastern countries, so there is no worry about manual errors and compliances.

List of Top HR Software in UAE

Human resources management trends are evolving with the best-in-class HR software vendors in UAE and GCC countries. According to a report, the investment in HR-Tech among Middle-Eastern enterprises will surge exponentially. Another interview in the economic times highlights that more than 40 percent of businesses in the Middle East are starting to explore HR-Tech. 

However, with so many HRMS vendors available in the market, choosing the right HR software in UAE can be overwhelming. 

To help you make the best decision, we have curated the list of HR software in UAE to manage your HR activities. You can compare the features of every vendor and choose the one that matches your organization’s needs and requirements. 

1. Zimyo

Zimyo is a leading HR software provider. After helping more than 2000+ organizations, Zimyo aims to help Middle-East business owners improve their employee experience with robust HR-Tech software.

From managing your workforce to resolving payroll issues, Zimyo has covered every employee management issue with its 40+ modules. All the modules are specially designed, keeping in mind the needs of Middle-East countries like UAE, Qatar, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Zimyo is listed at the top of We Suggest Software’s list of the most used HR software in UAE. 

Zimyo is an extensive HR-Tech platform that solves complex HR challenges while streamlining and automating the day-to-day HR operations such as Employee Onboarding/Offboarding, Payroll Management, Leave and Attendance Management, Engagement, Performance, Recruitment, and much more.

Founded in 2018, and trusted by paramount organizations such as Bajaj Capital, Yashraj Films, Vivandi, Kayfi, Morni, and 2000 others, Zimyo centralizes all the HR operations into a single platform which reduces manual efforts, increases efficiency, and strives businesses toward success.

Features of best HR software in UAE


Starts at $50 per month 

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2. Darwinbox


Darwinbox is a cloud-based human resources management software vendor in GCC, Middle East. They help their customers automate the complete lifecycle (hiring-to-resigning) of employees with their easy-to-use HR software. 

The platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning features such as HR voice bot, talent analytics, candidate shortlisting, expense scans, and more to help organizations of every size hire and retain talented employees. 

Features of the HR Software in UAE

3. greytHR

top hr software india

greytHR is one of the well-known cloud-based HR software in UAE that caters to the needs of both large and small-scale companies. The platform offers 100% statutory compliance for running payroll in UAE and GCC regions. 

Greyt HR helps simplify HR tasks with a variety of advanced features in its HRM software. These are some common features that GreytHR offers to its customers. 

Features of the HR Software in UAE


Starts at $2 per employee per month (7.35 AED)

4. Zoho People

top hr software india

Zoho People is an Indian-born software company that provides innovative HR solutions for countries like UAE. The platform offers simple solutions to all HR needs like onboarding, time-tracking, attendance management, payroll processing, etc. 

It is one of the most reliable HR solutions that cover the need of every organization. These are some common features of Zoho People HR solutions for Dubai. 

Features of best HR Software in UAE


Starts at 199 AED per year

5. Bayzat


Bayzat is one of the best HR software vendors in the UAE that also provides insurance to businesses of all sizes. The platform offers various features to automate day-to-day HR tasks and ensure employee well-being. 

Bayzat HRMS and payroll solution is one of the best in UAE. It allows your HR to manage your employee’s shifts and keep track of their attendance, absences, and clock-in and out time period. The platform also provides employee benefits plans. 

Features of the best HR Software UAE

6. gulfHR

gulfhr dashboard

gulfHR is a cloud-based HR solution provider suited for the needs of middle east countries. The platform has been catering to the needs of the gulf region for around 15 years, making it a great choice for businesses. 

The HR software can be customized according to the needs of middle east companies, like implementing an Arabic interface. The customers can also get timely services and resolution to their queries. 

Features of one of the top HR Software in UAE

7. Yomly

emirates hr

Yomly is cloud-based HR and payroll software specially designed for UAE and GCC region. Their intuitive software allows organizations to streamline the HR process and enhance the employee experience. The platform is perfect for the needs of small organizations in GCC regions. 

Yomly is specially tailored according to the company needs of middle east countries. It is easy to use and offers all the basic features to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the Middle East. Here are some features that Yomly offers. 

Features of top HR Software in UAE


Starts at 3,500 AED for up to 1-10 employees

8. Humantiz


Humantiz is a cloud-based human resources management suite platform that helps Middle-East countries manage their human capital with their software. The platform provides a complete HRMS suite for catering to the needs of GCC business owners. 

Humantiz also offers 100% UAE labor compliance automated payroll processing within a few clicks. It is one of the most reliable software for automating your HR operations. Here are some key features that Humantiz offers.

Features of top HR Software in UAE

9. peopleHum


peopleHum is an award-winning HR software platform in UAE. The platform helps organizations minimize the efforts spent on manual HR tasks and automate the entire process with their HR software. 

One of the best features of this software is that it is available in both Arabic and English language. Organizations of all sizes can leverage this software to automate manual HR tasks and focus on other important issues. 

Features of the HR Software in UAE


Starts at $2 per employee per month

10. Paylite HRMS

paylite dashboard

Paylite is an end-to-end HR software for managing all your HR activities. It is specially designed for the GCC region and comes with features to convert to the Arabic language for Middle-East native businesses. 

Many small and medium-sized business owners across the GCC region widely use it. If you are looking to save the hassle of paperwork, save time spent on maintaining employee information, and reduce errors on payroll, this software is perfect for you. 

This software offers mobile version to their users.

Features of the HR Software in UAE

11. Keka

keka ashboard

Keka is an Indian human resources management and payroll services vendor that offers its services to Middle-East countries too. The platform caters to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. 

The platform offers reliable HR services that help organizations automate tedious manual HR tasks. With continuous innovation, the platform is emerging as one of the top players in HR tech for the GCC region.

Features of the HR Software in UAE

Wrapping Up

It can be difficult to choose the right HR software among so many vendors available in the market. You must evaluate every software’s features and evaluate it according to the needs of your organization. One of the best ways is to schedule a free software demo.

If you are looking for robust HR software in UAE to take your business to the next level, you can schedule a demo with Zimyo. From onboarding to offboarding, our HR software handles every aspect of your employee’s experience!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are number of popular HR Software in UAE such as Zimyo, GulfHR, Yomly, Bayzat, WebHR etc.

An organization can follow a number of steps to evaluate the best HR Software such as evaluating existing HR software, scheduling demos with some of good HR Software in UAE and choosing the best according to requirements and financial positions. 

The best HR Software in Middle East includes Zimyo, Bayzat, Emirates HR etc.

There is a high demand of HR Software by businesses in Middle East countries to streamline the tasks and enhance the productivity of organization.

Automate your day-to-day HR tasks with Zimyo HRMS