9 Best Payroll Software in UAE

One of the most important HR responsibilities in an organization is ensuring that employees are paid on time. However, as an organization grows, managing an employee’s payroll cycle becomes challenging. With so many employees working in your organization, it can be difficult to manually manage their attendance, leaves, deductions, expenses, and reimbursement on a spreadsheet.

More so, if you are running a business in UAE or Middle-EAST countries, it is even more tiresome to run payroll according to the country’s labor law, compliances, and policies. That is why leading organizations prefer to opt for payroll software in UAE. 

The payroll software enables organizations in UAE to automate the entire process of calculating and disbursing employee’s salaries. It automatically calculates complex issues like employee attendance, leaves, overtime, taxes, and deductions. This enables HR to cut down the manual paperwork and ensures less errors in calculating salaries.   

As the use of technology is becoming common in the UAE, more and more business owners are looking for payroll software to avoid legal compliances and keep their employees happy by dispersing salaries on time. If you are still unsure why your organization needs payroll software, here are some benefits of payroll software in UAE. 

Benefits of Payroll Software in UAE

As the organization grows in size, managing every employee’s payroll becomes a challenging task. In today’s technologically advanced world, payroll software in UAE is leveraged by organizations to automate the process of calculating and disbursing salaries without any errors.

Every company in the UAE has its own policies regarding overtime, paid leaves, and bonuses. Manually calculating employees’ salaries in a spreadsheet can leave high chances of error. This can result in disagreement and conflict between employees and the organization. Fortunately, you can avoid all these human errors by using software for payroll processing. The payroll software automatically calculates the exact pay of every employee based on their attendance and the company’s policies.

Manually entering long pay stubs and payroll calculations at the end of each month is a nightmare for any HR. Not to mention the time spent on entering each employee’s details and payment structure in the salary slip. The payroll software can help you cut down the time spent in the payroll process by generating payslips for every employee. This allows your company’s HR to spend time managing other important aspects of the business.

Another major benefit of using payroll software in the UAE is that it allows organizations to design and implement salary structures according to the company’s policies. The admin can make modifications and add salary components to the CTC of employees. This allows HR to remunerate employees according to the work they have done throughout the month.

The traditional method of generating payslips can be complex for HRs. Especially if the employee needs to change or modify any element in the payslip, it becomes even more complicated. All this hard work can be avoided with the automation of payroll systems. By using the payroll software, employees can automatically generate payslips.

Managing compliances and labor laws is one of the most difficult tasks of manually calculating salary. Any error or compliance issues can lend the organization big trouble. A powerful payroll solution can automatically generate accurate compensation based on rules and regulations followed in that country. This eliminates human error and ensures that your company follows all the rules and regulations regarding compliance and policies.

List of Top Payroll Software in UAE

According to a report, the HR payroll software market is expected to grow USD 14.31 billion at a 9.2% CAGR by 2030. A large portion of this market is shared in organizations in the GCC region. Therefore, more and more payroll software vendors in UAE are offering their products.

However, with so many payroll software available in the market, how do you choose the best one? To help you make an informed decision, we have curated a list of top payroll software in UAE and GCC regions. Feel free to compare the features and choose the best according to your organization’s needs.

1. Zimyo

Zimyo offers one of the most intuitive and robust payroll software to simplify your payroll process. The best highlighting feature of Zimyo payroll software is that it enables the HRs to disburse employee salaries in 3 simple clicks with 100% accuracy.

The software is exclusively designed according to the compliances and policies of the UAE and GCC regions. Therefore, you can ensure there are no compliance issues and manual errors in calculating and disbursing salaries. Here are some advanced features that the Zimyo payroll software offers.



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2. greyt HR

greyt HR provides payroll software solutions for both small and larger enterprises in UAE and GCC region. They provide 100%statutory compliance with guided payroll processing checklists to help their customers disburse salaries on time.

The platform allows HR professionals to configure salary structures and add salary components according to the organization’s needs. Furthermore, the customers can also generate payroll reports.



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3. Bayzat

Bayzat is one of the most popular payroll software vendors in the UAE. The payroll software is developed locally in the UAE to cater to the needs of middle-east countries business owners.

The payroll solution helps eliminate calculation errors in salary disbursement and saves you time and effort. Furthermore, the platform also enables HR to get pay records anytime, anywhere.


4. gulfHR

gulfHR is a cloud-based payroll software built exclusively for Middle-East countries. The payroll solution simplifies the complex compliances and legislation of Middle East businesses.

gulf HR also enables the customers to customize their payroll processing according to the organization’s needs with an Arabic language interface. The platform has been catering to the needs of Middle-East business owners for more than 20 years, which makes it reliable to use.



MENA HR helps organizations of all sizes automate their payroll process with their cloud-based payroll software. The platform has catered to the needs of over 3,000 clients across 25 countries in the MENA region.

MENA HR payroll solution supports localized built-in support to various countries, compliance policies, languages, and currencies. Furthermore, the platform also offers various advanced features.


6. ZenHR

ZenHR is a cloud-based platform that offers payroll solutions completely localized for Middle East countries. The payroll software offers various advanced features with multiple bilingual (English and Arabic) user interfaces and mobile apps.

The organizations can also select the currency and exchange rate according to their country’s salary calculations. Here are some features that ZenHR’s payroll software offers to their customers.


7. EmiratesHR

EmiratesHR is an intuitive payroll software solution specially designed for UAE and GCC countries. The platform helps organizations to automate their payroll process in just a few clicks. It is easy to use and offers a variety of advanced features for small and medium-sized organizations.

By using the Emirates HR solutions, HRs can disburse the employee’s salaries without any worry about manual errors or compliance issues. Here are some features of this payroll software.



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3,500 AED for up to 1-10 employees

8. Humantiz

Humantiz is a cloud-based payroll software that helps organizations in error-free payroll processing. The payroll software allows HRs to tackle all the complications related to payroll processing in UAE.

From taxes to complex compliances, Huamntiz payroll software ensures a smooth payroll process with all the addition and deduction in the salary disbursement. Here are some features that the platform offers:


9. ConncetHR

ConnectHR provides HR and payroll solutions to help organizations automate and manage their payroll process. The wages processing system enables HR personnel in the UAE region to avoid errors in calculating employees’ wages and ensures security and satisfaction.

ConnectHR also helps in automating HR services to companies all around the United Arab Emirates. The organizations can also manage their employee’s leave requests, allowances, and pay history by using ConnectHR payroll solutions.



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AED 10/ employee/ month

Wrapping Up

Managing an employee’s payroll process in UAE can be an overwhelming process. With complex compliances and company policy, there are high chances of errors in manually calculating salaries. This can lead to dissatisfaction and conflict among the employees and organizations.

You can avoid all these problems by opting for payroll software in UAE. Zimyo provides the best-in-class payroll solution for the UAE and GCC region with various advanced features for streamlining your payroll process. From managing complex GCC compliances to effectively running payroll in 3 simple clicks, we got you covered with everything. Schedule a demo with Zimyo payroll software to ensure a smooth and error-free payroll process.

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