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With our HR software, you can automate and streamline essential HR processes, such as employee data management, leave and attendance tracking, and performance evaluations.

Zimyo HRMS

Say goodbye to manual calculations and errors. With our solution, you can automate payroll processing for UAE, ensure compliance with local regulations, and provide employees with timely and accurate compensation, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Zimyo Payroll Software

With data-driven insights, you can identify high-performing individuals, nurture talent, and drive continuous growth, resulting in improved employee engagement and organizational success.

Zimyo Performance Software

Streamline candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, resume screening, and interview scheduling. Leverage automation and AI-powered features to identify top talent efficiently in UAE.

Zimyo ATS System

With tools for surveys, feedback, and social recognition, you can boost morale, retain top talent, and create an environment where employees feel valued and motivated to excel.

Zimyo Engage Software

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Simplify Processes, Enhance Collaboration, Get Results

Revolutionize your HR management with our best end-to-end HR software in UAE. Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and countless systems. Our powerful solution combines employee records, time and attendance tracking, payroll management, performance evaluations, training programs, and more.

Streamline your processes, boost productivity, and enhance employee engagement—all from a single, user-friendly interface. Experience the ease and efficiency of comprehensive HR management in UAE.

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Payroll software

Fast, Accurate, and Stress Free Payroll Management in UAE at your Fingertips

Our payroll solution combines lightning-fast speed with unmatched accuracy, revolutionizing your payroll operations. With automated calculations, real-time updates, and seamless integration, our software streamlines the entire process. 

Bid farewell to endless hours of manual work. Experience the power of precision and efficiency with our payroll software in UAE.

Time & attendance software

Track Time & Location for UAE Like Never Before

Discover the ultimate time & attendance software where real-time is the deal! No manual tracking and embrace effortless efficiency. With Zimyo Time and Attendance Software for UAE, you’ll effortlessly manage attendance, track hours, and optimize productivity. 

Experience seamless integration with biometric devices, ensuring accurate and secure data. Gain real-time insights into attendance trends, reduce errors, and streamline payroll processes. 



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Engagement software

Connect, Inspire, and Elevate Employee Engagement in UAE

Engagement software plays a crucial role in fostering happy employees, driving productivity, and enhancing overall company success. Prioritizing employee satisfaction and well-being, Zimyo Engage for UAE offers various tools and features to boost engagement levels. 

With interactive platforms, personalized surveys, and performance analytics, engagement software ensures that employees feel valued, motivated, and connected to their work.

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Benefits of HR software in UAE:

  • Streamlined HR processes
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved data accuracy and security
  • Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

HR software helps in workforce management in UAE:

  • Simplifies employee data management
  • Automates time and attendance tracking
  • Facilitates leave and absence management
  • Assists in performance appraisal and goal tracking
  • Enables efficient scheduling and workforce planning.

When looking for HR software, consider features like employee data management, attendance tracking, performance evaluation, recruitment tools, onboarding, and integration capabilities with other systems.

To implement HR software, define your requirements, select a suitable vendor, configure the software, migrate data, train users, and establish ongoing support and maintenance processes.

Best payroll software in UAE:

  • Zimyo
  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • Zoho People
  • Bayzat.

Payroll in the UAE involves calculating employee salaries, deductions, and benefits. Employers must adhere to labor laws and regulations, including social security contributions, gratuity calculations, and timely salary disbursement.

When choosing payroll software, consider factors like its ability to handle tax calculations, compliance with local regulations, integration with HR and accounting systems, security, and scalability.


Data needed for a payroll system typically includes employee information, salary details, attendance records, tax withholding information, deductions, and benefits information.

To choose a performance management software, consider factors like goal-setting capabilities, performance evaluation features, feedback mechanisms, reporting and analytics, user-friendliness, and integration options.

The five key factors of a successful performance software are goal alignment, regular feedback, continuous learning and development, data-driven insights, and transparency in performance evaluations.


A performance management system is useful in an organization for setting clear goals, tracking progress, providing feedback, identifying training and development needs, making informed decisions, and improving overall performance.

Performance management systems impact employees through clarity, feedback, recognition, fairness, and growth opportunities, enhancing engagement, motivation, development, and job satisfaction

Document management software helps in organizing, storing, and retrieving digital documents. It enables efficient document collaboration, version control, data security, and easy access to information.

Recruitment software automates various aspects of the hiring process, such as job posting, applicant tracking, resume parsing, interview scheduling, candidate communication, and reporting.

Common systems used for recruiting include applicant tracking systems (ATS), candidate relationship management (CRM) software, and job board platforms.

Benefits of recruitment software include improved efficiency, streamlined processes, centralized candidate data, better candidate screening, automated workflows, and enhanced collaboration among hiring teams.

Employee engagement software is important as it helps measure and improve employee satisfaction, motivation, and commitment through features like surveys, feedback mechanisms, recognition programs, and communication tools.

When choosing employee engagement software, consider features like survey customization, real-time analytics, communication capabilities, integration options, user interface, and customer support.

Employee engagement data can be collected through surveys, pulse checks, feedback sessions, performance evaluations, social media sentiment analysis, and exit interviews.

Engagement software benefits organizations by increasing employee productivity, reducing turnover rates, enhancing workplace culture, improving communication, fostering collaboration, and boosting overall employee satisfaction.