5 Essential HR Tools to Supplement an Existing HRMS

How nice would it be when your organization could accomplish all their important tasks related to HR with a single tool? All we can do is just expect that it can happen but, in reality, the HR needs multiple other applications to complete their day to day tasks. In addition to the traditional HR tools and applications which you might already have, there are other tools and applications you might need for a few specific tasks as well that can act as a great supplement to your existing HRMS software. Here in this article, we will provide you with the other HR tools or applications that can be a great supplement to your HRMS Software.

5 Essential HR tools that can be a Great Supplement to your HRMS software

Document Management

You no longer need to rely on paper file folders and network drives to store information with the Document Management Software. With this, you no longer need to remember the structure of the directory on the file server to find a file that you need. Instead, this document management software gives you a search feature that will enable you to find the files that you need.

Another advantage of this is the security model that allows an administrator to give or revoke access to a particular person. These permissions can either be set at the individual or group level.

Even though there are many advantages like the ones that are mentioned above, it does take time to get used to adapting to a whole new type of application for HR.

Survey software

Being an HR, there is a need to get regular feedback from the employees. This feedback can be about the new program that was launched or just a regular employee engagement survey. For simple surveys there is no need for any software but, it is necessary to use an application that specializes in a particular area and increases the importance of the survey results. With these applications, you can not only survey your employees but also compare the result of your company with those of the other organizations.

Recruiting software

The recruitment management software process. With the help of this software, you can post ads, sort, accept and reject job applications, manage candidates and many more tasks can be done. You needn’t manually track everything by yourself because everything is automated.

If you are owning a small business, you should check the pricing and features of every solution before you opt for it.

Total rewards software

Total Reward is a concept that describes the tools that are available to an employer that is used to attract, motivate, and retain employees in an organization. In other words, these are the statements that are given to the employee to show them the value they get by working for the organization. It is the notion of total rewards that are perceived as a value and result for the employee relationship with the company

The rewards that an employer can offer to the employees fall into the below mentioned four categories:

Compensation– Base Salary, Incentive Pay, and recognition.

Benefits– Health care benefits, other group benefits, retirement pensions, paid offs.

Individual Growth– Career development, training programs, performance support, lateral career movement, training, and development

Work Environment– Work culture, Leadership, organizational policies, work, and personal life balance, culture, and affiliation.

Employee engagement software

Providing an HR tool to the employees and manager to recognize the outstanding performance of the employees and ensures that good behavior of the employees is noted. The recognition received by the employees might equate to points, that the employees can exchange for multiple products and services.


In conclusion, even though an HR software provides a set of standard modules, HR teams may have needs beyond what the already existing HRMS software might have. The HR tools mentioned above can add a supplement to their existing HRMS. Therefore, it is important to choose an HRMS software that will be able to fit your requirements.

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