Transitional Employment | Meaning and Definition

What is Transitional Employment? 

Transitional employment is a technique for placing people in temporary work in order to prepare them for permanent employment.

Unemployed or underemployed people who require assistance reintegrating into the workforce are provided transitional jobs.

While transitional employment assists those who are jobless or underemployed, supported employment assists those who have significant impairments. Intellectual disability, mental disease, and traumatic brain damage are examples of these disabilities. Those who are eligible for assisted employment need mentors or job coaches to help them complete their tasks.

Benefit Of Transitional Employment

  •   When the transitional work period is over, employers have the option of hiring a transitional employee full-time. As a consequence, hiring managers will spend less time and money on the recruitment process. They may just look to their transitional workers to determine whether they are a suitable fit.
  •   When teams create chances for mentorship, morale, work culture, and employee retention improve. Furthermore, companies may become community partners by assisting in the stabilization of their local economy.

●   Employers can participate in a return-to-work process through transition employment. They may take an active role in assisting their employees in healing, returning to work sooner, and lowering total costs.

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