Employment History | Meaning and Definition

What is Employment history?

Employment history is defined as an individual employee and or candidate’s past workplaces. This is, by far, the most simple way to define what employment history means. If we go by more technical terms, then employment history basically means all the previous companies, agencies, or workplaces that a certain employee or candidate has worked at. 

Another name for employment history is work record. This work record, or like the aforementioned term, employment history, helps the employers who are hiring interns or taking interviews of candidates in having a better understanding of the said candidate’s professional background, knowing about the capabilities and or abilities as well as how professional the individual is and all. Having run a background check on the employee’s employment history helps the recruiters understand which role fits the candidate better, whether or not they are eligible for the post or role they applied to and how much work pressure they can take. Work records end up helping the employers get a better understanding of how many responsibilities and duties can the hired employee undertake as well. 

Some of the points that the recruiters or the department of HR, i.e., the Human Resources, looks into while hiring and or recruiting a candidate are – 

  •       The salary that they used to get at their previous workplaces
  •       Their job profile and, most importantly
  •       Their overall performances

When a candidate applies for a job, it is a must for the candidate to keep their work record or employment history ready to present to the recruiters conducting their interview. It is extremely common and natural for interviewers and or recruiters to ask for the candidate’s employment history either on their resume or during their job application procedure. The candidates are required to add their most recent jobs, i.e., the recent two or five companies or agencies they worked at. This goes to show that the recruiters actually look for experience upto a certain amount of years while recruiting potential candidates. 

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