Employment Status | Meaning and Definition

The United States of America defines Employment Status as a general term that refers to the relationship between the employee and the preceding or the current employer of the previously talked about employee. 

If one does not follow the definition provided by the United States of America and goes on to search for another definition, then Canada is one of the countries that have a different sort of definition for the term employment status as well. Let us get to know that definition for a change. Canada describes the term employment status as a reference to a former legal classification that describes the relationship between the employer, who recruits and the employee, who provides labor and or service for their employer or sometimes on behalf of their employer. There is one good thing about the U.S Internal Revenue Service. The IRS strictly refrains from making distinctions among the various statuses circulating employment. 

Another use of the term employment status is Medicare regulation as well. This does not fall under the more commonly known definition of the term employment status. Now, let us learn what are the differences that can be seen when the term employment status is used in the field of medicare regulation. In medicare regulation, employment status means a situation where the currently employed candidate or a candidate who is not employed at the moment helps in determining whether the medicare plan taken is the primary payer or the secondary payer regarding the claims of health insurance that are made by the employee or their spouse or any legal guardian.