Queen Bee Syndrome | Meaning and Definition

What is Queen Bee Syndrome?

The Queen Bee Syndrome is an HR terminology that is basically defined to be a phenomenon when an employee, exclusively a female, appears to typically be in a position that entails a lot of power in her hands. However, after being a certain sort of head and exercising a lot of power due to her position, is also found to express hostile and rude behavior in front of other female employees. What adds in a touch of irony is the fact that the same female who has been successful in climbing her way up in a male-dominated field cannot help but be hostile towards not just males but female workers as well. This is bound to include snarky and derogatory remarks, sometimes which are even sexist. And to be honest, this is extremely rich coming from a female herself to her other female coworkers. The women who fall under this category usually suffer from extreme anxiety and the continuous dilemma that they are replaceable and that their position can be easily taken by other females working in the same field. This results in them being rude and hostile towards them as well as demeaning their success and talent at every turning point they can get.

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