Reasonable Person Standard | Meaning

What is a Reasonable Person Standard?

The reasonable-person-standard definition is a hypothetical or speculative reaction of a person to illegal or alleged activities in the environment, such as harassment, discrimination, ignorance, or any such activities. It is a term that is generally required for a comparative analysis of standards of a person and is needed in courts to judge the liability. This is the way or method with the help which a person handles and takes necessary steps and actions related to illegal activities. 

Characteristics of a reasonable-person-standard: –

  •     The person took the steps and actions that a normal person would have taken during that situation to avoid liability.
  •     As this is an objective standard, no consideration is allowed of the thought process and decision of the defendant.
  •     The actions that have been taken by the person and the action that the judge believes that the person should have taken will be compared and analyzed.
  •     This is not for either perfection or any cutting down of danger but reasonableness.
  •     The victim and all other individuals are held to the reasonable person standard.
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