Internal Job Posting | Meaning and Definition

What is internal job posting?

Internal job posting is a notice circulated within a company to let employees know about open positions or, in simple terms, open posts in a company. This can be done via email, on an intranet site, or posted on a bulletin board. It allow employees to apply for jobs within the company and help with succession planning. Internally recruiting sends a message to your staff that you care about their professional development.

Its advantages include giving employees a chance to progress in their careers without leaving the company and increasing loyalty and motivation. It can also help save on recruitment costs and increase the pool of qualified candidates.

Benefits of internal job posting

There are numerous benefits of posting the jobs internally:

  • Increased workplace satisfaction and retention rates: When employees have the opportunity to advance their careers within their current organization, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs and less likely to leave for new opportunities.
  • Improved morale and motivation: Allowing employees to progress in their careers can help improve morale and motivation levels.
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing and institutional memory: By promoting from within, organizations can ensure that key institutional knowledge and memories are retained within the company.
  • Greater diversity of ideas and perspectives: It can help broaden the diversity of ideas and perspectives available within an organization.

In recruiting, onboarding a new employee is significantly easier since they are already familiar with orientation and company policies.

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