Employee Handbook | Meaning and Definition

What is Employee Handbook? 

A company’s goal, vision, values, rules and procedures, and workplace code of behavior are all included and properly mentioned in an employee handbook. It may be a useful tool for employees to learn what they need to know in order to be successful and safe in the workplace. An employee handbook also protects companies from charges of discrimination or unfair treatment by informing workers about these regulations and letting them know what to anticipate. 

Benefits For Employees 

An employee handbook should spell out exactly what the employer expects of them and what they may anticipate from the organization. It’s usually given to new workers on or before their first day of work so that they know what to expect and can learn more about your company. Employees can come back to policies when they have queries or want to examine their benefits information after they’ve started working for the company. 

Benefits For the Employers

An employee handbook compiles all of the company’s rules and procedures into one convenient location and assists you in implementing them consistently. This is useful if you have legal problems or if an employee violates one of your company’s policies. It is critical to maintaining an employee handbook.

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