CEO vs. COO | Meaning and Definition

What is a CEO?

The CEO abbreviation stands for Chief Executive Officer. This is the company’s highest-ranking employee. CEOs set the company’s goals and make strategic choices which include things such as expansion in a new market or development new products. 

What is a COO?

Chief Operations Officer is the definition of a COO. A COO is the CEO’s second-in-command. The COO’s job is to translate the CEO’s vision for the firm into a workable business strategy. They supervise all activities and ensure that teams work together to achieve the company’s objectives. 

Differences Between CEO and COO 

There is a clear difference between a CEO and a COO.

The COO carries out the CEO’s vision for the organization. However, this does not imply that the CEO spends his or her time making hazy ideas or that the COO’s position is merely transactional.

Both the COO and CEO have duties that have an impact on the company’s performance. COOs are trusted by CEOs to maintain an eye on day-to-day operations and give insight throughout organizational changes. COOs, for their part, will make strategic decisions and set firm processes after receiving input from CEOs on long-term objectives and shareholder viewpoints. 

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