Employee Assessment | Meaning and Definition

What is Employee Assessment? 

It helps in evaluating the performance and productivity of the employee with the help of reviews or appraisals. The Human Resource (HR) department conducts employee assessments to check the performance and productivity given by the organization’s employees.

Why is employee assessment important? It help the employees to understand where they lag. It helps in finding their strengths and weaknesses and rectifying them. It helps improve productivity and satisfies the employees who are working in the organization. With a satisfied employee, an organization can yield high productivity in their business.

Why is employee assessment conducted in an organization?

  • It majorly helps HR (Human Resources) to monitor or evaluate each employee.
  •  The managers can easily be able to understand the subordinates, and the employees can, in turn, be able to know the goals that they have to meet.
  •  It can serve as the building block for the annual appraisals. It also helps in giving the HR or manager performance-oriented feedback to the employee in the organization.
  • What are the ways to measure it?
  •  360-degree feedback – This method evaluates the performance of the employees in a multiple evaluation process, such as the assessments from peers, managers, or superiors, to name a few.
  •  SWOT analysis – Using SWOT analysis, you can analyze the strength and weaknesses of an employee.
  •  Employee interview – This is the last step in the employee assessment process. The organization directly discusses with the employee to assess their performance in the organization.
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