Credit Voucher | Meaning and Definition

What is a voucher?

A voucher is a document supporting accounting transactions. Basically, it is a statement that shows goods and services purchased, services provided, authorizing certain payment amount and adding in ledger account where all the transactions are recorded. It is a type of voucher.

What is a credit voucher?

It is the most important document in the business since it outline and approve the company’s payment. Business companies decide to employ vouchers as manual or electronic methods. 

Types Of Vouchers

  • Debit Voucher – A payment voucher is another name for a debit voucher. This voucher is used when a company pays someone else for things like salary and wage payments, raw material payments, loan repayments, and so on. These payments can be made in cash or via bank transfer. As a result, both Cash and Bank Payment Vouchers will be handled as debit vouchers.
  • Credit Voucher – When a payment is made, this voucher is a document that helps to record accounting activities and contains a monetary value, including cash payments. This is essentially a voucher that documents cash or check payment. ‘Receipt Voucher’ is another name for it.
  • Transfer Voucher – All transactions are documented as Transfer vouchers, with the exception of Cash and Bank receipts and payments. The Journal Voucher is another name for this type of voucher. This voucher is often created for credit sales, credit purchases, property transfers, or any other transactions that do not require cash or a bank transaction.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A credit voucher is a document that records accounting transactions and contains monetary value.

Examples of credit vouchers: Sale of Goods for cash; Sale of fixed assets or investment for cash; Cash received from Debtors, etc.

A credit voucher is a document that acts as a proof of statement for accounting transactions.

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