Generation Y/The Millennials | Meaning and Definition

What is Generation-Y or the Millennials? 

Generation Y comes after the Latchkey Generation or the Generation X. Most researchers have confirmed it that people born from 1981 to 1996, are considered members of the Millennials generation. But a few researchers have a different view on this. According to these researchers, people born from 1980 to 2004 should be considered members of the Millennials generation/ Gen-Y. The generation of these Millennials has almost 72 million members, which is more than their predecessor, Generation X, which has almost 62 million members, and Gen-Y equals the Baby Boomers, which also has like 72 million members. Also, if we count precisely, the Millennials are the biggest generation in the history of America in terms of numbers, and they even surpass the Baby Boomers’ generation.

The source of the name Millennial

The members of this generation were born at the age or beginning of a new millennium, the 21st century. Because of this reason, the members of Gen-Y are mostly known as the Millennials. 

Philosophy of the Millennials: 

It is very usual that not all the people born in a specific time period/born under a specific generation will share the same point of view and philosophy. But most of the Millennials have a common philosophy toward career and life. They don’t want to start their career with a small job. Rather the Millennials are keener towards entrepreneurship and startups. They do not want to wait and do not like building their career in a slow, chronological way. Because of this very mindset of the Millenials, we see so many successful young entrepreneurs in today’s world.

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