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360 Degree Feedback | Meaning and Definition

What is 360-degree feedback? 

360-degree feedback is also known by the name Multi-Rater Feedback. 360 Degree feedback is a technique in which anonymous feedback about a staff member is received from various people with whom they work. 360 degree means the bosses, colleagues, direct reports, and subordinates; it’s set up so that a variety of individuals may give their thoughts on the subject, resulting in a proper picture of the person.

Advantages Of 360 Feedback

  •  Real-time guidance: – The participants are shown the disparities between how they view themselves and how others see them using the 360-feedback method. This raises their self-awareness, which implies they are more aware of their personality, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and motives, among other things. They can alter their behavior and pinpoint their training requirements using this knowledge. As a result, the individuals t can become more effective in their current function and the role they want to pursue.
  •   Multiple Sources – Since a wide range of people participated in the input, it is more complete and truer than feedback from a supervisor or manager, for example. Also, if numerous people “approved” the responses, the input is more likely to be accepted.
  •   Safe Environment – As the system is generally safe with people 360, answers are supplied properly. If the method was not anonymous, a lot of the feedback would be too uncomfortable for coworkers to share, and it would probably never be delivered, and the true intent would never come out. With this system, this never happens.  
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