Smart Goals | Meaning and Definition

What is Smart?

Smart meaning is simple as it refers to the acronym ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound’, which acts as the guide for setting objectives and clear goals. Smart helps employees in developing themselves, managing projects, and in management of the performance done by them.

What are Smart Goals?

Smart Goals are used to set criteria that help in the process of setting up a clear goal within a company or an organization. The goals set by Smart Goals provide an opportunity for the employees to set a standard on which they can easily work. It helps the employees in completing the necessary tasks required to reach their goals. It provides a pathway that the employees can follow in order to reach their desired goals efficiently. Smarts Goals are made up of 5 elements. Smart Goals stand for:

  •       S – Specific
  •       M – Measurable
  •       A – Achievable
  •       R – Realistic
  •       T – Time-bound.


The concept of Smart Goals was created by James Cunningham, George Doran, and Arthur Miller. They said that it helps to write objectives and goals in a smart way. Smart goals have also been used in The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s article.

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