Contract Administrator | Job Description Template

To join our team, we’re seeking a professional Contract Administrator. Your primary responsibilities will include preparing, negotiating, and reviewing a variety of corporate contracts, such as acquisitions, sales, and commercial partnerships. 

A competent Contract Administrator will have a keen eye for detail as well as the ability to spot possible threats to our business. You should also examine contracts with the goal of lowering expenses and improving revenues while maintaining legal compliance. Our ideal candidate has prior contract management expertise and is knowledgeable about legal requirements and terms of service. 

Finally, you should confirm that all of our contracts match statutory standards and our company’s objectives.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • A BSc in Business Administration is required; extra legal credentials are preferred
  • Proven experience as a Contract Administrator, Contract Manager, or other comparable function 

Skills Required for the job

  • Knowledge of contract legal requirements 
  • Accounting processes are something you should be familiar with. 
  • Exceptional writing abilities 
  • Exceptional attention to detail and the capacity to recognise mistakes 
  • Strong organizational and analytical abilities 
  • Ability to deal with people at various levels of seniority, including employees, managers, and external partners 

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare contracts for sales and purchases. 
  • Contract conditions with internal and external business partners are negotiated. 
  • Existing contracts should be reviewed and updated. 
  • Managers and interested parties should be informed about the terms and conditions. 
  • Ensure that personnel are aware of and abide by corporate contracts. 
  • Examine the hazards associated with certain contract conditions. 
  • Keep up with legislation developments and, when appropriate, consult with the legal department. 
  • Ensure that all contract deadlines and terms are satisfied (e.g. payments and shippings) 
  • Maintain a well-organized physical and digital record-keeping system. 
  • Create contract language guidelines for current and new contracts

Company Offerings

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