Security and smoothness of HRMS vs Manual System

The times have changed, so do our methods of working. If we look at the pace with which developments in technology are taking place, then upgrading along with the world becomes a basic need for the survival of any organization which highlights the need for an online HRMS system. Security of important business information tops the priority of modern business, so does the smoothness in organizational functioning. With the rate of frauds and dishonesty increasing day-by-day in unimaginable ways, it is getting difficult for the manual system to deal with it. Hence, companies are rapidly adopting HRMS technology for the security and smoothness it provides to their firm, along with multiple benefits and reduced workload of their HR department. 

What is HRMS?

Human Resources Management System, commonly known as HRMS is the term referring to the software and associated hardware, designed for automation of human resources functions in an organization. It is turning out to be a huge support for the HR team of any organization especially when they are drowned in work and are not able to provide the efficiency that the organization needs. You might see different names like HR System, HR Software, and HRIS (Human Resource Information System) but they all mean the same. 

HRMS v/s Manual System

Security and smoothness of HRMS vs Manual System are discussed below:

The smoothness of operations

The manual system of storing and managing data related to documentation of hiring and recruiting, managing payroll and employee information, attendance management, etc. was paper-based which required heavy investment and a lot of space. Even the era of spreadsheets turned out to be error-prone and time-consuming. These obstacles might seem little but are equivalent to a massive speed breaker in the smooth functioning of the organization.

HRMS is nothing but a permanent solution to all such HR related problems. It enhances smoothness in the organization by-

Attaining efficiency: 

It paves a way that goes straight to attaining maximum efficiency in an organization by saving a lot of time for the HR department.

Reduces Workload:

The workload is another major hurdle in the way of smoothness due to which sometimes quality of work is to be compromised. But when HRMS software performs numerous human resource functions, a huge burden gets lifted from the shoulders of the HR department, resulting in smooth functioning.

Systematic Arrangement:

With the help of Cloud HRMS, large quantities of information can be managed efficiently, with backup facilities avoiding any risk of loss of data.

Employee Self-service:

HRMS allows employees to perform several functions on their own like creating time-in and time-out, thereby eliminating chances of wrong attendance. It also enables them to request leaves, and update their personal information with the permission of their associated managers.

Security of Data

Data with an HR department, sometimes also accompanied by personal information of employees is one of the most sensitive records maintained by a business firm, hence HR is a highly data-centric function. At present times where the number of crimes, theft, and frauds are rapidly increasing, how can one rely on manual handling of such information? Paper-work can be easily replaced, stolen, or copied. The risk of losing data always remains high, which any business or company cannot afford. 

HRMS takes complete care of data it has and provides the utmost security with controlled access to avoid any sort of unauthorized interference. It follows a specific protocol for the collection of data in which the user’s consent always comes foremost. Online HRMS solution offers multiple advanced security features, ensuring that the security of user data is always maintained with HRMS Cloud, inclusive of:

Physical Security

 HRMS takes complete care that an application will be accessible by using a secured https protocol only. It also incorporates the installation of antivirus software that traces the threats and vulnerabilities.

Data Encryption

Encrypted user credentials (username and password) using a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm is ensured by HRMS. Encryption of personal data of users prevents any sort of mishappening.

Internal Security Controls

HRMS online software has customized password policy for maintenance of user account security, accompanied by data purging policy specifically for inactive users. It also incorporates IP based restrictions so that remote login access can be restricted to the servers with specific IP’s.

Hence we realize that the security and smoothness of HRMS vs Manual System comes under those requirements of an organization that can’t be neglected at any cost. Embracing HRMS will help you fulfill these two requirements along with numerous others while keeping you intact with growing technology. So it’s time to move past manual systems and get the hold of HRMS and get an edge over your competitors.  

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