What are the top 7 major HR activities in human resources management?

Human Resource Management is one of the most crucial parts of any organization/company; their job particularly entails managing new and current employees, creating an amiable work environment, issuing company policies related to HR, and bridging the gap between employees and top management, making strategies and analyzing what is best for the organization/company. Besides them, hr software has a lot of other functions as well. Let’s understand the activities better; below are seven major HR management duties discussed in detail:

  • Strategic Planning: By conducting repeated meetings HR department makes sure to develop strategic plans for the betterment and smooth working of an organization/company. They organize short-term and long-term strategies and ensures development. The strategies are mostly focused on how to make an organization a much better workspace than before.
  • Workforce Planning and Employment: Workforce planning includes recruitment, selection, orientation, and exit process. Department managers collaborate with the Human Resources department to determine staff needs and to fill job vacancies whenever the need arises. The Human Resources recruitment team strategically recruits and selects only the best candidates for the company and ensures workforce efficiency so that the organization/company can accomplish its goals and objectives.
  • Human Resources Development: This function of Human Resources involves proper training and development of the employees. They keep organization workshops timely so that the employees keep in touch with all the latest and learn new things. This also helps the employees get equipped enough to help achieve desired departmental and company goals and objectives. HR Specialist also assists with the change management and performance management needs of the organization/company.
  • Total Rewards: The HR team is responsible for creating new rewards, benefits, salary packages for new employees. It includes incentives like medical bills, insurance, tuition reimbursement, flexible account, and so on. It is important to do because only then an employee would be interested in continuing for the long term.
  • Policy Formation: The Human Resource department is also responsible for making up policies beneficial for each department as well as the employees. This includes the distribution of employee-handbook, code of conduct manual, and performance appraisals guidelines. The policies ensure an efficient working environment and a structured approach to the tasks at hand.
  • Employee and labor relation: The employee relations team seeks to align the employees’ needs and rights with the needs of the company/organization.  Issues related to union and non-union committees, discrimination issues, and sexual harassment claims are matters that should be handled by the labor relations department. Employers must stay in compliance with the law in making sure that every employee is treated fairly and feels comfortable. Employees are encouraged to contact employee relations should they ever feel that they are not treated well or are facing some workspace problem.
  • Risk Management: The HR department with other departments discusses the risks and analyses situations to the best of the company’s benefits. They ensure that the workspace is safe and comfortable for everyone in the organization/company.

The human resources department plays a major role in the efficient working of an organization/company. All the above factors are very important, and the HR department devotes its time in guaranteeing that they are maintained.

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