Core features of Employee Management Software

No one can deny the fact that a company’s most valuable asset is its Human Resource i.e. its employees or workforce. Hence companies try their best to attract and preserve the best talent that they get most of the time by organizing business practices and solutions. At present times employee management system of many companies is facing a lot of challenges. As many changes are taking place in the business environment, it is getting tough for companies to utilize their human resource to the fullest and keeping them happy simultaneously. But when you have employee management software at your service, then the same work becomes very easy with commendable features that it possesses. So let’s have a look at the features of the Employee Management Software.

What is an Employee Management System?

Employee management software refers to the software and related hardware that streamlines and automates the employee-related HR functions for a company. It helps businesses to recruit and provide training to employees very effectively. It allows them to store a wide range of data, be it personal information or organizational information like salaries, attendance, etc. It lightens the burden of the HR department due to which a lot of companies are using it for various functions.

Features of Employee Management Software:-

Employee Database

The Employee Management System is highly data-centric, hence the companies are completely dependent upon accurate records and mistake-free data for efficient employee management. The functioning of an employee database is similar to a digital filing cabinet. It is capable of storing large quantities of personal employee data with detailed information on their benefits or time-off. Even custom employee data can be stored in it such as skills, certifications, etc. in employee databases. An employee database also provides the utmost security of your employees’ or organization’s files and mitigates any sort of risks or errors posed by the traditional employee management system.

ESS: Employee Self-Service Portal 

Employee Self Service or ESS portal is one of the best features of Employee Management Software. An HR department is ought to perform numerous tasks and a lot of them are concerned with the management of employees which consume a lot of time. Employee management software provides the scope of employee self-service that reduces a huge burden from the shoulders of HR personnel. With these portals, employees can take care of a variety of HR-related issues that are otherwise needed to be done by HR.  Most ESS portals allow employees to update personal information, like contact info, address, and bank account information. Some ESS  portals also enable employees to correspond directly with the HR department even outside of office hours with complete security through ESS logins.

Time tracking and Attendance Management 

Keeping track of employee time and attendance is very a tedious and time-consuming process. When manual records are made then chances of errors increases. Mistakes in employee management might lead to inaccurate payroll resulting in a huge loss of money in every pay period. To minimize the possibility of occurrence of any such situation, companies prefer Employee Management Software that has an inbuilt feature ensuring that payroll reporting is prompt and mistake-free. It simplifies the tedious process of time tracking with the help of employee timesheets, and by sending data directly to the payroll system. It enhances transparency in the organization by giving employees access to their schedules,  vacation hours, and leave records through ESS. 

Absence & Leave Management 

This feature of Employee Management Software can derive a lot of benefits to the organization. Managing attendance and leaves manually is generally very problematic so with the use of online employee software, companies become capable of providing easy access to leave and attendance details that facilitate employees to plan their future leaves. Employees can even categorize their requests as vacation days, emergency leave, etc. and important notifications of approval or denial can also be sent to them through this software very easily.

The features mentioned above are the most basic features of employee management software. Other than these it helps businesses in the storage of HR Data, tracking work and performance of employees, establishing good communication between employees and their managers, and is also capable of integrating itself with other HR software. So installing employee management software and modernize the employee management system would be a beneficial decision for your company. 

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