SIF File | Meaning and Definition

What is a SIF file?

The “Salary information File” is a digital format file used by organizations to process and pay employee’s salaries in the UAE. The SIF file is a mandatory process of payroll processing in the UAE that ensures that businesses comply with local laws and regulations. It also provides a record of the salaries paid to employees, which can be used for auditing and other purposes.

According to the Ministry of Labour in UAE, every organization is required to process payroll through the WPS(Wages protection system). To facilitate this, employers are required to submit a salary information file (SIF) file to the WPS system. The SIF file is a digital record that contains information about the salaries and other details of the employees. The file contains detailed information, including; employee name, bank account details, salary amounts, and other relevant information. The SIF file needs to be prepared monthly and submitted through the Wages Protection System (WPS) through the employer’s bank to distribute salaries to employees. 

SIF File Format

Creating the SIF report through the WPS is mandatory for running payroll processes in UAE. In order to generate a SIF report, it is essential that employers have all the necessary information about every employee. These are the details required in SIF reports.

  • 14-digit employee ID provided by the Ministry of Labour
  • 9-digit routing code assigned to the employee’s bank account
  • Employee’s salary account number
  • The number of working days for which salary is being paid.
  • The total income amount paid to the employee with separate fixed and variable income.
  • Information about the number of leaves an employee had taken.

How can Zimyo help in SIF report?

Creating the salary information file is one of the most crucial steps in the payroll process. However, manually adding each employee’s information in excel sheets can result in errors in SIF reports. In order to prevent manual errors in salary calculation and prevent errors in SIF reports, you can use Zimyo payroll software to streamline the entire payroll process.

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