Review Process | Meaning and Definition

What is the Review Process?

The Review Process, as the name suggests, simply means the procedure or the process during which the team leader or the reporting manager evaluates the accomplishments, progress, and achievements of the employees towards fulfilling the required goals and objectives. The procedure goes as setting expectations prior to the completion of the work and comparing the achievements later on based on which the feedback is provided to the employees. Within an organization or company, the performances of the employees are reviewed as the review process is carried out during the occasion of the annual appraisal. The process is another method to calculate the contribution of each and every employee towards the goal and overall company’s objective. Hence, the review process plays a crucial role in estimating the steps taken toward the company’s ultimate goals.

For an efficient appraisal of an employee’s performance, a manager has to have an approximation and awareness of a specific expectation from him/her for the job. The manager shall also monitor the results and behavior of each employee and must have speculation for the comparison of the behavior and results observed by him/her to the expectations and measures needed to do the job.

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