Performance Map | Meaning and Definition


What is Performance Map? 

A performance map refers to a chart that displays a visual representation of an employee’s performance. It is a tool employed by leaders and managers to scrutinize the competencies and potential of the employees. For instance, the 9-box grid, and a performance map elaborated on the strengths and weaknesses. Nonetheless, this model is strictly based on potential and performance. Performance mapping enables leaders and supervisors to select any two factors and customize this grid.

Efficient performance maps intend to:

  •   Initiate discussion related to employee performance
  •   Deliver a clear and crisp job performance depiction
  •   Simplify the presentation of job performance scores and the organization process.


Need for performance maps in HR

Performance maps encourage discussion and collaboration among managers and HR professionals which further leads to appropriate decision-making regarding succession planning and talent management. Amassing, organizing, and exhibiting employee performance scores in a discernible and easy format is fairly overwhelming. Performance maps are helpful in presenting the data in a sorted manner. Furthermore, it promises ethical practices and consistency in performance reviews.


How can HR professionals implement performance management effectively?

First off, they must begin by setting the objectives and plan which criteria to consider in the performance map, the goals of the performance map, etc. Concentrate on features that make potential determinants of performance review for pertinent positions or departments.

Furthermore, managers can involve further germane employee details such as their employment duration, who they must report, etc. This would assist managers in assessing the talent reservoir in the company for succession planning. Managers need to collaborate with each other when preparing performance maps to deliver a more precise performance depiction of an employee.

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