Peer-to-Peer Review | Meaning and Definition

What is peer-to-peer review?

Peer-to-peer review is an evaluation procedure in which co-workers examine the reviewee based on their performance, abilities, strengths, limitations, and overall work attitude. Internal procedures differ per organization; however, individuals are often evaluated by their co-workers with whom they contact frequently. The peer-to-peer technique standardizes how, when, and who conducts the review process.


Types Of Peer-to-Peer Review

  •   Simple Review Process – This is a straightforward and casual procedure. Employees are usually evaluated in groups or one-on-one. Depending on the protocol, the reviewer’s identity might be revealed or kept private.
  •   Inspection Review Process – Since it involves more labor and money, this is a stricter variant of the basic review procedure. This method is chosen when it is necessary to examine the strengths and flaws of peers.
  •   Team Review System – A team or group is involved in this procedure to offer an assessment of a single employee at a time. They usually talk and come to an agreement together.
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