Work Plan | Meaning and Definition

Work Plan

Work Plan is an execution strategy that helps in achieving different Key Results. It  comprises specific steps to complete a project, initiative, and activities that could help in achieving the desired results. They helps in achieving the OKRs by providing a roadmap of initiatives. 

Reasons to use a work plan

Here are certain reasons to make use of a work plan in an organization:

1. Helps to stay aligned with the goal

A great plan helps the team members to stay aligned with their interpersonal goals as well as team goals. People also notice how their work is making a change and makes it even more rewarding by making better decisions.

2. Manage expectations

When you are starting a project it is necessary to keep in mind about all the relevant stakeholders of the project. This task consumes a lot of time and efforts. But it’s results outshine the efforts and time consumed.

Everyone should be clear on the point that what are their tasks and how to accomplish those tasks.

3. It will make it easy to know when to celebrate

Tracking your goals and accomplishments provides a reason to celebrate. Nothing can beat the happiness of achieving the milestones.

Types of Work Plans

Majorly, there are two types of work plans:

1. Employee Work Plans

The scope of these kinds of projects are small as it focuses on department wise goals. Usually these kinds of projects fall under the department head or the manager.

The work plan of an employee includes:

  • Specific project Goals
  • Budget of the project
  • Materials and expenses required
  • Estimated deadline of completion

2. Manager Work Plans

A manager’s work plan is more related to the large projects.  They basically involves long term goals and strategies. These projects majorly have:

  • Impact of the project on the company
  • Detailed analysis of the risk
  • Cost breakdown and budget
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