Quality Management | Meaning and Definition

What is Quality Management?

Quality management can be described as a system that is needed to guarantee the security that a product and or service is successful in meeting the standards that are put up in cases of excellence and the process that the product goes through or the process that service goes through is not only just extremely efficient but has to be extremely effective as well. The quality management of a service or of a product is handled by three key components. These key components help make sure that the product or the service that is processed out is both effective and efficient. Quality management is of utmost importance or else how can one individual or per se a customer would be able to receive a product that is not just effective in nature but has also proved to be extremely efficient as well. Coming back to the key points, now, as we had mentioned before there are three key components that work in order to make sure that the quality of the service or of the product is top-notch. These three key components are – Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Quality Improvement.

Quality Control of QC is basically the process that helps in the reviewing of the products and or services by the entities that also help in reviewing all the factors that were said to be involved in the process of production of the product and or service.

Quality Assurance or QA helps in the prevention of mistakes and helps in avoiding other manufacturing problems as well as delivery issues.

Quality Improvement or QI is the process of systematic and or continuous actions that can end in improvements of the amount immeasured in both the service and or product as well as the target it is required to attract.

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