Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Meaning

What is Enterprise Resource Planning? 

Enterprise Resource Planning, or as the acronym suggests, ERP, is defined as a process that is used by various companies in order to manage and integrate the substantially utmost important parts of their work or, in this case, their business. There are many enterprise resource planning or ERP softwares that are of extreme importance to the companies as they not only help them in implementing planning of resources with the help of integration done on all of the procedures required that are needed to be run by their respective companies through a single system that handles the entire chain of software. 

The ERP software actually comes with a number of benefits that makes it desirable. As we have already seen, the ERP software is highly capable of tuning into many companies through a single system and helps in the implementation planning of resources. Apart from this main characteristic, the ERP software also serves a lot of purposes and comes with a number of benefits like – 

  •       Integrate planning
  •       Purchasing inventory
  •       Sales
  •       Marketing
  •       Finance
  •       Human resources and a lot more 

An enterprise resource planning system can be taken as a binding glue that is responsible for holding together a number of different computer systems for a big company. In a situation where the ERP software is not present, each and every department will be required to have a system of its own which would need to be optimized for the specific tasks that it is required to perform. The presence of an ERP software still needs every department to have a system of its own, but all those systems can be easily accessed through one application having a single interface. 

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