Muqeem | Meaning and Definition

Muqeem is a digital platform that manages the residency and visa documents of the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These services allow organizations to review their employees’ residency and visa data and complete their transactions online, anytime and anywhere. The Muqeem system is intended to control and oversee the status of residents in the Kingdom for both Saudi citizens and foreign nationals.

What are the Services offered by Muqeem?

Some of the services offered by Muqeem include:

  • Issue or Re-print Exit Re-entry Visa, or Final Exit Visa: This platform provides services to simplify the process of the issuance, cancellation, and re-printing of exit re-entry visas and final exit visas. This service is important for individuals planning to leave the Kingdom temporarily or permanently.
  • Issue or Renew the Different Types of Residence Permits: Muqeem is responsible for issuing and renewing various types of residence permits for individuals residing in Saudi Arabia. Usually, residency permits have an expiration date, and in order to keep their legal position in the kingdom, individuals need to renew their Muqeem cards before they expire. Muqeem platform provides services to update information, supply any relevant paperwork, and make the requisite fee payments.
  • Review and Print Passports: The platform provides its users with services to review and print important documents such as passports and other traffic department reports. This feature helps organizations to efficiently access and manage crucial information related to the identification of employees.
  • Provide Interactive Services: The platform offers a number of interactive services to its users. Individuals can maintain their subscriptions, perform transactions, and make payments pertaining to their residency status through Muqeem’s interactive services. In addition to improving user experience, this simplifies administrative procedures.
  • Transfer the Sponsorship: One of the services offered by this platform is the transfer of sponsorship for the organizations hiring resident employees. This service ensures that employees follow employment standards and makes the transition of employees between sponsors easier.
  • Easy Modification of Profession: This service of the platform allows employees to modify their professional information as needed. Those who need to update their information due to changes in their occupational status find this service especially helpful.
  • Print Residence Permit: Muqeem makes the printing of residence permits very easy. This includes printing a Muqeem card which is the legal document confirming an individual’s residency status.

What are the Advantages of Muqeem?

There are various advantages of Muqeem, some of them include:

  • Provide Data Security: Muqeem is a secure digital platform that ensures that the information entered or shared by the users is protected and secure. This platform follows strict security protocols to minimize any risk of data breach and identify any issues related to thefts. Thus it provides confidence to the organizations and i individuals that their system adheres to strict security measures to minimize the risk of data breaches and identity theft, providing users with confidence that their transactions and data are secure.
  • Reduce Time and Cost: Muqeem drastically reduces the expense and duration of residency procedures. Previously, to acquire or renew the residency permit several trips were required to different government offices, which used to kill a lot of time and resources. Now with the use of the Muqeem platform, residents can accomplish these tasks online, which will save time, and money and boost efficiency.
  • Accurate retrieval of Information: This platform ensures that there is accuracy in obtaining information and documentation. Users have access to all the information and can review transaction history, traffic department reports, passports, and other crucial papers. Residents can use this tool to make well-informed decisions about their status within the Kingdom.
  • Simplify Administrative Process: The platform offers online accessibility, which simplifies administrative procedures. There is no longer a need for residents and organizations to physically visit government offices because they may execute a variety of transactions, renewals, and submissions using the digital platform.
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