Mudad | Meaning and Definition

Mudad is a digital platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically designed to revolutionize payroll management for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It was launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to track payroll violations made by employers and let employees respond to the organization’s arguments. Established as part of the National Transformation Program 2020, Mudad is a semi-governmental entity with a mission to bring innovation to financial technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll processes while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

This platform is directly linked with GOSI i.e. General Organization for Social and thus can get information accurately. It also allows organizations to update the information about wage protection within a short time. With Mudad administrative and financial procedures are simplified.

The primary goal of Mudad is to provide SMEs with a one-stop platform where they can access a platform with all the necessary integrations, including financial institutions, the General Organization for Social Insurance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and others, to enable them to manage payroll effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

What are the Features of Mudad?

The features of Mudad include:

  1. Wage Protection System: Its goal is to strengthen the dedication of organizations to keep correct and updated employee salary files. It promotes an equitable and open work environment by tracking violations and keeping an eye on compliance levels.
  2. Contract Documentation: Employers in private organizations can upload and amend employee contract data using Mudad’s compliance system. Employees can use this feature to confirm the correctness of the information in their contracts and, if needed, to voice concerns. The intention is to protect the rights of employers and employees by assisting private sector organizations in documenting employment contracts.
  3. Integration with GOSI: This platform has direct integration with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) database. The platform can instantly and precisely display employee information. This connectivity also facilitates a smooth interaction with the larger social insurance system. Thus organizations can manage all employee data directly.
  4. Update Digitally with Ministry of Human Resources: Mudad gives organizations the ability to instantly update their wage protection data online with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Resources in a matter of minutes. This digital method helps to create a payroll administration system that is more precise and effective while also saving time.
  5. Support by Major Banks: This platform has collaborated with several major banks in Saudi Arabia including Riyad Bank, Arab Bank, Development Bank, STCPay, and Ahli Bank. This integration with these banks ensures that the overall country’s financial infrastructure is guaranteed.

What are the Advantages of Mudad?

Some of the advantages of Mudad platform include:

  • Reduction in Dispute: By guaranteeing precise wage data and clear contract documents, the compliance system lowers wage-related disputes between employers and employees.
  • Promotes Transparency: This platform concept encourages confidence and understanding between organizations and employees by promoting transparency in payroll administration procedures.
  • Protection of Rights: The protection of the rights of employees and the employers in the organization is one of the main goals of the compliance system. This entails defining precise policies for contract documentation and pay protection.
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