HRIS Analyst | Meaning

Who is HRIS Analyst?

HR processes are fundamental. In recent years, HR processes have become more and more technology-oriented. These technological processes are essential towards streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and driving data-driven decision-making. In the middle of HR, and this technology, stands an HRIS analyst. The job of an HRIS analyst is to manage and optimise Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). The bridge between HR processes and technology is responsible for multiple things. Firstly, they ensure HRIS are not just operational, but also efficient. They are responsible for the optimization of the collection, usage, and delivery of data to power certain HR strategies. 

Responsibilities of an HRIS Analyst

There are multiple responsibilities an HRIS analyst is supposed to uphold inside an HR department. These responsibilities are as follows:

1. Managing HR databases and systems

An HRIS analyst is supposed to oversee processes that exist in relation to HR databases and systems. They are also supposed to ensure proper functionality and be able to tweak the same as fit. They also need to be able to create an ease of access related to the processes, which allows other employees in the HR department to be able to use the technology, freely.

2. Data analysis and reporting

They are also supposed to be able to analyse the data they receive through their systems and report the same. As mentioned before, they are supposed to collect, use, analyse, and deliver the data. The data, when received, should be uploaded into a database, from which they can make trends and draw patterns. After this, they use the data and analyze it. After the analysis, the report is delivered to executives or employers.

3. System configuration and maintenance

In addition to the above, an HRIS analyst is supposed to be able to detect errors, troubleshoot them, and solve them. They conduct maintenance checks to ensure the proper workings of HRIS systems. HRIS analysts also make sure that the systems which exist are properly configured and tailored to the needs of employees, and employers. Troubleshooting and error management is another aspect of maintenance. Being able to detect errors, and resolve them quickly is vital towards the processes that HRIS manage. These errors might impact key processes, which could be related to payroll, or other processes that HRIS manages.

4. Collaboration

Being able to collaborate with HR teams, to ensure optimization and streamlined processes is important. An HRIS analyst should be able to work together with employees in HR to ensure ease of use. This ease of use makes data collection, and the previously mentioned steps easier from their perspective.

Qualifications and Skills of an HRIS Analyst

An HRIS analyst should have multiple skills in their arsenal. They should be able to efficiently coordinate the data provided by HRIS systems, and HR processes, and convey them into data, through technology. It is an extremely basic protocol for HRIS analysts to be proficient in utilizing technology. They should also be familiar with the HRIS software, processes, and systems that exist inside an organization. They should also have excellent problem-solving skills, which can help them easily detect errors, troubleshoot them, and solve them. Having strong interpersonal skills, and communication skills is also important for the collaboration work HRIS analysts go through. They should also be proficient in their knowledge of HR, and compliance systems. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

An HRIS analyst is the bridge between HR processes, information, and technology. They optimise HRIS systems in an organization and ensure their efficiency.

HRIS analysts are supposed to manage HR databases and systems, analyze data, and report it, among other factors.

An HRIS analyst should be proficient with HRIS systems and HR processes. They should be excellent with technology, errors, bugs, and troubleshooting. Finally, they should have good interpersonal and communication skills.

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