HR-processes | Meaning and Definition

What are HR processes?

HR Processes are mainly about the strategies and ideas that are implemented and accepted by the HR leaders to ensure a victorious employee lifecycle and magnificent work experiences. 

Processes involved in Core HR:

HR processes includes number of tasks to be performed. Some of these tasks are:

  • Recruitment– It is the process of recruiting or hiring new employees in the organization. Employees come and leave the organization at a certain time and this process goes on forever.
  • Training– It is the process of providing knowledge and making the employees well versed with their job role and tasks.
  • Human Resource Planning– The strategy used by the company to maintain a stream of skilled employees while avoiding the shortages.
  • Offboarding– Offboarding is the process of termination or resignation of an employee from the organization. Offboarding can occur due to various reasons.
  • Employee Relations- The process involves focus of both individual and team relation of the employees in the organization.
  • Selection- It is the process of choosing the right employee for the organization from a talent pool. The decision of selecting an employee is made by the organization on various key factors.
  • Onboarding- It is the process in which new hires are integrated with the organization.
  • Performance Management- Every organization has some goals and objectives to achieve in short term and long term. To achieve these goals organization has to manage the performance of the employees in the organization. This process is called as performance management.
  • Administration of benefits- Benefits administration is the overall process of managing benefits of the employees in the organization.
  • Hiring- Hiring is an act of starting to employee someone. While recruitment is used in long term, hiring is used in short run.
  • Performance Appraisal- It is the overall process of providing incentives and appreciation to employees for their excellent performance in the organization.

With the help of HR Processes, the HR leaders will be able to increase productivity, engagement, and retention in the organization. These tasks are the core functions performed in every organization. These are never ending processes which continues till the organization exists.

Roles of HR:

An HR professional has to perform various roles. Some of the roles of HR professionals are:
  • Objective reviewing by the HR leaders
  • Tech Automation by the HR department
  • Implementing an approach based on process management along with balance
  • Clearly understanding the doubts, complaints, and feedback of the employees
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