HR Generalist | Meaning and Definition

What is HR Generalist?

HR Generalist meaning is an individual who works as a professional to look after the various activities and responsibilities performed by the Human Resources in an organization. They perform various types of tasks in an organization, such as management of the processes of recruitment, maintaining a healthy relationship between the employees, observing the rules and regulations followed in the organization, and looking after proper training and development of the individuals working in the organization.

Essential Responsibilities fulfilled by the HR Generalist:

  • Obliging all the matters of HR internally as well as externally in an organization
  • Enhancing and working on the development of various guidelines and rules of the organization
  • Properly keeping a check and working on the complaints and feedback given by the employees working in the organization
  • Being active and aware of the latest trends in the department of human resources and following them in the best possible way
  • Management of database of the employees as well as preparing the reports of the same in an effective manner.
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