Gender divide | Meaning and Definition

What is Gender divide?

The gender divide refers to the unfair discrimination between genders (especially between men and women) in society. Unfortunately, gender divides can still be seen in many different places in society. In job fields, political fields, and even in households, gender discrimination is still present. This disparity of gender ultimately causes great waste of education and loss of potential in society. Most girls nowadays have a college degree. Even more, women are getting university degrees compared to men. Even after these stats, the gender divide is still a part of our society, and there is no doubt that this is causing a tremendous amount of wastage of education and efforts. 

Gender division in job fields: 

The gender divide in job fields is one of the most concerning issues in today’s society. Gender division is witnessed during hiring, onboarding, and other work areas as well. This division can even be noticed in the salary or stipend. Not all institutions or companies are continuing this unhealthy practice. But this can still be seen in many places. Because of this gender division, many deserving applicants or employees are not getting the chance to flourish, and this ultimately affects the work environment and so many opportunities, and potentials are getting damaged because of this 

Gender division in other places: 

Other than job fields, gender can also be seen in many other fields. In politics, we still see this unfairness. However, the situation has improved a lot in recent days. Gender division can also be seen in households, educational institutions, and other places like that, which is alarmingly concerning. Proper knowledge and awareness are needed to demolish the gender divide and create equality and balance in society. 

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