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ONA | Meaning and Definition

What is ONA?

The Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) approach is a systematic charting tool for analyzing how people cooperate and contribute to their companies. Within the typical hierarchical company organization, individual influence levels are frequently difficult to define. As a result, Organizational Network Analysis technology attempts to identify and harness various sorts of important workers, as well as highlight issue areas, so that leaders may improve how people collaborate and exchange information. 

Organizational Network Analysis assists HR leaders in analyzing employee networking, which is the natural formation of work connections between employees. Traditional workforce analysis methodologies gain a new dimension with Organizational Network Analysis, offering HR managers a better understanding of the impact of collaboration on performance. Organizational Network Analysis is used by HR to assess employee connectedness, find latent potential, and improve workforce planning and efficiency. 

Implementing ONA

  •     When ONA is combined with a company’s workforce management system, managers and HR executives may create a work environment that is both socially and professionally productive.
  •     Combining ONA with the current IT infrastructure ensures that the complete workforce planning system runs smoothly.

ONA assists firms in maintaining a balanced workflow by including peripheral personnel, linking independently functioning teams, redistributing tasks, and harnessing important individuals. Successful ONA may, in the end, enable more meaningful workplace interactions, resulting in a more unified, innovative work culture.

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