Employee Grievance | Meaning and Definition

Employee grievance meaning is an employee’s unhappiness with the company they are working for, its management, and its practices. A corporation or employer is supposed to offer a safe working environment and a clear understanding of jobs, salary, respect, and other benefits to its employees. Employee dissatisfaction, on the other hand, occurs when there is a disconnect between what the employee expects and what the company delivers. 

Employee grievances might be reasonable or unjustified. They must, however, be effectively addressed by the leadership team since they impact not just the employee’s productivity and commitment but also the work environment. If left unaddressed, employee issues might develop into major internal conflicts. Other employees’ motivation may suffer as a result. 

Handling Employee Grievances 

  •   Make it clear to employees that they are free to express their concerns. Establish a grievance policy that is available to all workers. Make sure they know who to contact and that their information is kept private. Most essential, establish a deadline for resolving the complaints. 
  •   An essential thing to do when someone has a problem is to make them feel heard. Although the remedy may not be practical, it is vital to inform them that the problem will be resolved in a fair, transparent, and timely manner.
  •   It is critical to forming an investigative committee to handle the employee’s complaints. Inquire about the situation, if required, speak with other employees, and allow them time to offer evidence for their accusations.

What are the types of grievances in workplace?

Some of the most common types of grievances in a workplace are:

  • Pay and Benefits- These kind of grievances arises when the salary of an employee is inadequate according to his expectation.
  • Bullying of employee or staff member-  Workplace bullying or harassment cases are now seen in workplace where the laws are weak  
  • Work conditions of the organization- It includes cleanliness of workplace, sanitary facilities etc.
  • Workload on an employee- If an employee is overburdened with workload such kind of grievances arises in the organization