Employee grievance redressal

What is Employee grievance redressal?

Employee grievance redressal is a system to understand grievances and help employees communicate their concerns to upper management. The address system helps to resolve grievances in a professional and orderly manner between the involved parties.

If employee grievances are not adequately addressed, they might feel side-lined or that they’re not being taken seriously. It is imperative to avoid this for the greater peace of the company.

Steps of a sound employee redressal system

Documentation and identification

The employee should file a complaint to the grievance redressal committee by mail or submit a ticket. The complaint should then go to the relevant manager or supervisor.

Collection and analysis

The manager should collect the relevant information about the incident and formulate a plan of action. The data can include a history of the employee’s grievances, the nature of the grievance, and whether other employees have also raised the grievance.

Decision-making and implementation

The employee grievance committee should decide on the appropriate course of action depending on company policy. A good decision should address the concerns of the aggrieved parties while limiting the possibility of a similar incident occurring in the future.

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