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Grievance | Meaning and Definition

What is Grievance?

In an organization, if an employee raises a complaint or grievance, it should be taken out seriously whether or not it is valid or invalid. This is because it could have a negative impact on the organization.

It is an issue or complaint, or problem that an employee face in their work environment or with the peoples they work with, or even with the management too. Any issues that made them feel very low and dissatisfied are said to be a grievance. The employees believe that this situation that happened right now is certainly unfair to them.

The most common types of issues that arises in organization are:

  • Mocking an employee or, to the worst, bullying them regularly.
  • Too much work pressure or workload on employee.
  • Poor or worst working environment conditions in the workplace.
  • The salary or pay issues faced by an employees in organization.
  • Irrelevant work assignments provided to employees which are not related to their field.

What is a Grievance redressal?

Grievance redressal is a system used in India and is a governance-related process to cover the receipt and processing of issues or complaints from employees in an organization. In short, the action taken by the organization for an issue raised by an employee in order to avail them of the services more effectively. It is the responsibility of an employer to provide the employees with safe and healthy work environment.

How to raise an employee grievance?

The employee who prefers raising a grievance should first write to whoever is most appropriate to share the grievance with (i.e.) an employer, HR, or higher-level management.

The email format should include:

  • What is the cause?
  • Provide the evidence (i.e.) a pay slip or a contract letter.
  • What action has to be taken by their employer?
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