Employee Goals | Meaning and Definition

Employee Goals Meaning

They are specific targets that employees are expected to meet within a specific time frame. These goals are created based on their work title and position. They are the measurable outcomes that are in line with the tactics that will lead to ultimate achievement.

The term ‘goal’ is widely used to describe both personal and professional elements of a person’s life. It enables a person to concentrate on a single goal at a time and attain it at the appropriate moment. In an organization, the same pattern applies.

The objectives of each employee should be aligned with the company’s overall growth plan. Employees are more focused and driven to achieve goals that benefit both the company and themselves when they understand how their specific roles and responsibilities fit into the wider picture. Employees may be kept motivated in their job by discussing strategic business goals and reinforcing the corporate mission on a frequent basis.

These concepts may include those focusing on productivity, depending on the role. When working with an employee, try for fewer workplace blunders and more efficiency.

Smart Goals

The goals set for employees should be SMART

S- Specific (The goals set should be specific for each and every employee in the organization)

M- Measurable (The goals of the employees should be measurable. Goals which are not measurable should not be set)

A- Attainable (The goals set should be attainable or achievable. The goals which are not attainable must not be set)

R-  Relevant (The goals set should be relevant in context with the goal of organization as a whole)

T-  Time-Bound (The goals so set should be achievable in a certain period of time such as weekly, monthly or yearly)