Caucus | Meaning and Definition

What is Caucus?

A caucus meaning is a group of individuals inside an organization that meet to debate and make decisions on significant issues. They are commonly utilized for mediation in the corporate sphere. Two parties and a mediator would meet in this situation. One side would bring up a grievance they had with the other, and the two groups would work together to find a solution that was acceptable to both parties. A caucus of employees of a corporation, for example, may organize because they desire improved conditions for workers. They would bring these requests to the attention of those in positions of greater authority, and a final decision would be made. 

Advantage Of Caucus 

In mediation it allows all parties concerned to sit down with an unbiased mediator and go about their difficulties while getting an objective viewpoint. This might help to clarify concerns, provide previously unconsidered ideas, or provide a safe haven for venting.

Theoretically, the presence of caucuses enables the views and concerns of marginalized groups to be heard on a greater scale—something that can be difficult for them to achieve. The presence of several caucuses guarantees that a diverse range of topics are raised and considered when the policy is implemented. They’re an important aspect of raising awareness about issues.

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